Problems hosting a session in tekken

I’ve been trying to host in tekken 6 but no one seems to be able to join. I’ve left it on for 30 mins before with no joins, I can join sessions and do quick matches fine, so I’m wondering if I need to open a port on my router or something? I can host in other games like street fighter

It could be your connection isnt strong enough as most people have the search peramiter as best connection so if your lobby shows up as less then 4 bars they wont join.

You shouldnt have to do anything to your router if it works fine for sf4.

Feel free to add me if you like and i would see if i could join your lobby.

I get enough 4/5 bar connections through quick matches or when i look for sessions though, oddly enough. Also, my fios connection is one of the faster ones out there so…it’s odd.