Problems in Fighters Generation


I cant access, I need some art!!, does anyone know whats wrong with the site?


He and Blodia had a fight to the death.

Blodia won.


Bandwidth’s been exceeded.

It’s probably closed down so that some other page can be made to share space.


?, sorry…i dont know what your talking about…:frowning:


I mean just that. The more stuff you put out on a site, the more space (bandwidth) it takes up, and thus the more problems it’ll have loading up.

Surely you’ve had to wait hella long to access it before, right?


You need a SN and password to get to his media now.

SN: fight
PW: gamer

Use that whenever he gets his site back up.


no…I was talking to Bowling Pin, I know what you mean…thanks.
I hope the site is back again