Problems in Street Fighter 4

I bought street fighter 4 for a week now and I tried to play online. People can join in Arcade mode and I can create my own game and people can join. But I can’t join any “quick game” nor “custom games”.

Is there any problems??? or I need to configure something??

please help out.


what does it say when you try to join a quick game? is it the “connection cannot be established” or “Room is already full” because i think those are everyday occurances for everyone on sf4…

if your dead set on trying to join a room instead of creating one, you just gotta keep on trying to join… if you get those messages just refresh and try again etc… but the best way(that i found at least) is to just go into arcade mode and let other people join your game… you dont have to worry/frustrate yourself about trying to get into a room

but again, im not sure if that was your problem. hope it helps

its neither those two…

it says "Unable to find sessions"
I tried for a week already. I just cant find any games to join.
It’s so weird…

People can join my game in Arcade mode or Create Game though.
That’s the strange thing…

actually it says “No available sessions found. Search again?”

And no matter how many times I search this message comes out…
Do that if you haven’t already done so, it might solve your problems since it’s probably a network issue

thanks ill have a look :smiley: