Problems RC'ing lp/lk moves


i’m trying to learn how to RC lp/lk moves (lp booms with guile and lp balls with blanka in particular), and i just can’t get a good method down. i tried kcxj’s method…

Charge back and double tap LP, but at the same time you’re hitting the first LP tap of the two LP taps press and hold down LK with your thumb. Finish the motion with F+LP (the second part of the 2x tap).

i’m wondering if there are any simpler approaches that i can try. i really want to learn guile the right way, and you can’t pass up his RC booms to have a good guile.



negative edge it or

left <lp+lk, then let go of lp> right + lp


what exactly is negative edging again? i thought it was holding in a certain button to get 2 presses or something, i kinda forget.


All Street Fighter games so far, have had the negative edge in them. It’s basically the game recognizing another button press after you let go of the button. Works only with specials and supers. Another method of doing an RC would be:

Back, LP + LK, Toward, LP


I find double tapping easier.


You know Akira’s launching knee attack in VF4? Do RC short kick moves like that. Chun-li’s LK sbk is really good.

My friend Ness does LP rc’s like that too, but it’s hard for me to do it his way. That’s why he plays Guile and I don’t. :lol:


i’ve never played VF4 before…

what’s the motion for that move?


Yeah I don’t play Guile either becuase I can only get RC sb’s like 60% of the time.


you don’t need RC’s to play a great Guile. if you want to use his sonic boom as an anti air, he has the best tools imo for AAs so RC is optional. Just try Guile out, i’m sure you will like him if u can or can’t RC


Guile can’t beat low jumpers if you don’t RC sonic boom. Plus his bnb combos with super are impossible for me. d.LP, d.LP xx level 2 rush super… what the hell is that? I need to hold down LP so negative edge doesn’t mess me up, then I have to contort my fingers so I can hit MK, all while making you’re I’m properly charged. Never mind, anything comboed into somersault super.

d.LK, d.LP, d.LP, s.MP xx level three. You have to manually link the s.MP and hold the button down to avoid negative edge. I know I’m going to want to kick myself in the head everytime I mess something like this up in a real match. Just messing up Chun-li’s combos give me enough of a frustration already. I’ll still pass Guile. Thanks for the suggestion though :lol:.

edit: I forgot you also have to perfectly chain d.LK or s.LK anytime you want to use it in a super combo. Since all Guile’s moves are charge moves, anything you do requires holding back the whole time. Guile unfortunately has this stupid knee move that gets activated with forward or back+LK. Unless you chain it from a d.LP (rapid fire jab cancel), you’re going to get the knee instead. I HATE that. Thus I don’t like Guile.


does guile need LP sonic booms as opposed to HP or MP? i think i’d take any type of RC boom at this point because i’m having no luck with LP or HP:(


Hey, I can RC sonic booms whenever I want now. Didn’t practice or anything. Just picked Guile randomly in casual and then I was like wow… he’s not that hard to use anymore. Anyway, RC boom is the most bullshit move I’ve come across in CvS2 yet. I couldn’t believe how good this move is until I used it for myself. It’s perfect anti-everything. Jump in? Late RC boom. Low jump? Late RC boom. Any kind physical attack (including Cammy pokes). Late RC boom. It’s too cheap. RC Guile eats up K-groove so free it’s not even funny. Too afraid to get close? Rapid fire booms from full screen :lol:. Guile’s normals are really good too. 90% are 100% safe from anything when blocked, hit, whatever. You can’t even hit Guile after JDing a sobat kick or s.HK. Too bullshit. Anyway, I’m using Guile now. Thanks guys :D.


Choi was doing alot of that shit when he came to NY a week ago. Bullshit man. Owned my whole team with Guile. His ken aint bad but i own his ken for free.