Problems running roms with MAME

EDIT: Ok. Roms work with Kiwaks, doesn’t work with MAME (downloaded from

When I check the contents of the rom, everything is there. MAME says it is missing.


What roms are you trying to get working? I don’t know if kawaks requires neogeo bios and other things.

I have the bios and whatnot.

The thing is I used to have MAME and all that good stuff over the summer. Then my comp crashed and it has been a slow rebuilding process.

SSF2 works perfectly on Kawaks. MAME says I am missing some files.
KoF2k2 and MotW won’t show on Kawaks as an avaliable game. MAME says I am missing some files.

I know how this ish works. I’ve done it many a times in the past. Now, I can’t get it to work at all. Bah!

Are you sure all your directories are set properly?
Try re-downloading the roms.
Also, you need the parent roms before the child roms will work.
For SSF2T (World) you need SSF2 (World) first.
For Garou, you need Garou: Mark of the Wolves Set 1.


It turns out my problem for the NeoGeo roms was that I had the bios in the same folder but I needed to put the bios into the zipped rom if that makes any sense.

For some reason, I don’t ever remember doing that before. Oh well, it works now.

Thanks for the help :tup:

Uhh, sorry for reviving the thread, but I am also having some problems with MAME 0.64. It just doesn’t want to run KOF '98 or '02, while Kawaks 1.55 is able to run them perfectly (so I don’t think nothing should be wrong with the roms). I stopped using Kawaks, though when I realized that netplay is HORRIBLE on it, and that it occasionally feeezes when loading games. Can Mame run those two games, or is it just me?