Problems stoping jump in's


How do you guys stop jump in’s? I mean I try to dragon punch people and I either do it too early and wiff… cuz they have not jumped, or still too early cuz my dp just trades. One thing i noticed at the arcade was that my opponents wait till like the last second before i hit then do the dp…
Also how do you stop small jumps, lets say a bison that keeps small jumping with roundhouse…nasty…

I guess its just a matter of reaction… whats the best way to practice against jump ins…?


i guess jumping straight up…?


huh? Doom my problem is stopign people jumping in on me…
lets say bison small jumps with roundhouse at me, if i try to jump stright up ill get hit … :bluu:


B aware of yourself. If you know your weakness is jump in’s… work on that weakness.

Don’t let them jump in on you, make that you main goal.
Know your characters AA(anti airs)
Are you using C ken?.. I also use C groove ken R2:confused: Anyways… people are allways going to try to bait your lp. dp :mad: Just because somebody jumps in on you dont have to dp all the time. You have to mix it up.
use standing Mk ,or crouching fp. Remember your normals.
If you can… just get the hell out of the way… like back dashing to get your spacing, or just evade , like rolling…
There is nothing wrong with taking a few jump in’s by blocking… Take a few… then hit them with a deep fp shoryuken.:slight_smile: And learn to use ken’s air throws against air blocker’s.

Also be careful… If you know your opponet likes to jump. Dont go low… if your going low,like sweeping… and their all ready in the the air going for the cross up…
Your doing something wrong. :eek:

No D


Yeah, remember to use your normals. with ryu use, ken c.fp or s.fp or rc special kick.


s.fp with ken… it’s looks sooooo getto(haymaker). It dont use it enough… I gotta remember to use it.:slight_smile: Ken is wierd. I’ve AA people with crouching mp and standing

Dont fake on KEN fells… Shotos are coming up…:o


Ok I’ll add my 2 cents. Like people said, you don’t always have to dp, use normals. For short jumps, well those are harder, but if they do it like 3 times in a row it’s safe to assume they’re gonna do it again (even Ino gets predictable sometimes with short jumps when he has meter), so have a dp ready to go. Normals still stop short jumps pretty well, but sometimes they trade or have to hit early to be effective.

When you do choose to dp, which is most people’s preferred AA, do it deep like you said, it’s not hard just practice the timing. That way they can’t airblock and you’ll be invincible. Another little trick (well not really a trick) is if you keep blocking their jump-ins and they go into block strings after the jump-in, dp right when they land so they have to think next time if they still wanna do that. Once they know there’s a good chance of being anti-aired that’ll stop about 25% of their jump-ins anyway. It gets more complicated with p and k grooves, and a with meter, but that’s the basics.

p.s. Jumping straight up works pretty well too, in fact that’s Blanka’s best AA. Jump back fierce is good for escaping crossups too


thats one of the best short jumps in the game obot. since i saw you in k-groove i’d just say try and JD it. A problem with that small hop is sometimes people wind up doing it too soon, so they have dead time where they can’t break a throw when they land. the best your going to do against that if you are a shoto on the ground is JD it, then start on your own guard string or rushdown.

i got a question for some people, if you JD a small jump rh by sagat and he does a super as soon as he hits the ground, can you jd the low hit then block?


Since you can just block it then block the super, I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to jd it


ARR CEE, or stick to high priority normals. DP’s are really risky… I usually only use them if my oppontent is being REALLY predictable, which doesn’t happen much unless you’re playing a noob (not even scrubs are usually this predictable unless it’s 1/2way safe.


I’m Sorry 50, I beleve ime going back to n-Grove, or mabye A-Grove… k was good, it got me out of the roll rutt, but it put me in the i can JD everything rut…
So i have to keep moving on.


All I can say is know your normal AAs cause most if not all are unguardable by air guard. DP sometimes, and if your a P/K then parry out or JD. Hell, if there some type of Jt.Rdh to Cr.Rdh scrub then dodge if your in S and punish there ass with a dodge cancel buffer.


Practice until it’s a conditioned response. Use normals first, as they’re easier to practice.

So for example, you like using Ryu because for some reason you hate top tier characters.

This is what you do. Pick some dummy CPU character, like Sagat. Have him do a full jump roundhouse towards you nonstop.

Then, all you do is press roundhouse at the exact time in his jump to hit him clean. Do 10 repetitions of 10 jumps every day. After a day or two, it’ll become second nature to anti-air everything with Ryu with jump roundhouse. YOu won’t even have to think when you see them jump.

Then do that with every other character.


Good pactice B


At least he’s original Mr. SBC. Give some respect.


He’s original!
I’m winning! (And lazy, otherwise I’d be A-Blanka/Sakura/Todo)


Bleh… thats why you are the hong kong champ right? If the world was filled with people who just played CBS to only win in casual play (which means nothing) like you… then the game would have died off several years ago. But unlike you there have been people like Buk and random Japanese players who decide to use other characters and make them look good. Anyways, the main point is, if people rip on you about playing CBS, and you don’t care, why not stop wasting forum space arguing about it like two little school girls? Ignore them.


There is a difference in playing characters you like and not playing top tiers strictly because they are top tier. I mean I like alot of characters but if your going to play low tiers you better know your damn characters in and out. I played low tiers for 2 years saying top tiers are an easy win and it got me no where so i picked top tiers to learn how to fight them, by the options they give me and why they are superior to other characters is what makes these characters good choices. By learning top tier it also allows you to learn how to fight top tier, you will learn what gives you a hard time when fighting others and learn to move around that fake “Bad Matchup I lose for free,” mentality.

For Obot, human reaction speed varies but nothing that could be considered a superior difference in street fighter. I had a very hard time against fighting jump ins and the best thing I can say is while playing the match in the back of your head prepare yourself for a jump in. This may hinder your playstyle at first but after a while it becomes a reaction when you see the jump animations and become familiar with it. Learn to do your anti airs correctly, especially your doing dps deep you dont want any trading you want to keep a perfect lead over your oppenent. Remember if you dont think you can react to it you can always roll or just block the string. Patience is a main key in this game you shouldnt be trying to react to everything thrown out, when in doubt block and you will see your oppenents play style during a match easiar.


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