Problems trying record matches via DVD recorder

I’ve been trying to record matches of myself but I get this weird problem. At first I tried recording via component (yellow, white, red) but the screen looks messed and I get a definate input lag of a whole second. So I bought a scart adaptor:

  1. Pic of the scart adaptor I bought

  2. Pic of my set up
    a. Sky
    b. LiteOn HD-A740GX DVD recorder
    c. Hub of ports (basically I got a Panasonic plasma which connects to this thing so all connections go to here eg: Sky, VCR, DVD, etc. Which connects to the TV)
    d. VCR
    e. HiFi

  3. Simply connected the adaptor to the Scart port at the back of the DVD recorder

  4. Pic of the screen when DVD is off

  5. Pics of the screen when DVD is on (haven’t even started recording or anything)

Again when I try to play there is still an input lag. I tested this by mashing lp and observing that the lps are still coming out later. What gives? I’m totally stuck. Even if I indirectly connect it to the DVD (ie: through a VRC scart port with the VCR connected to the DVD) it still comes out as mashed so that doesn’t make a difference. Do I need to get another lead?

If you scroll down the bottom you can see the specs of my DVD recorder.


Your problem is you’re feeding the picture through two different machines, first the DVD recorder and then the TV, causing the lag. A possible solution would be to get something like this… (Note this is a UK site).

With this you wont have the problem of the signal going through the DVD recorder as you will have a direct feed going straight to the TV, along with a direct feed going straght to the DVD recorder. Now I’m not saying this is a 100% solution, but it makes a hell of a lot more sense than what you’re doing now…

As for the colour disfiguration, I can’t help you there…

I had this problem also with DVD recorders. I soon gave up on it tho. My final solution was running the game to the vcr then one signal from the vcr to the TV(composite) and another signal to the DVD recorder(coaxial cable). I had a cheapy recorder so it crapped out on me quickly. Does that Scart adapter cause lag by itself I wonder since it looks to be composite in. That may be the biggest prob rite there besides DVD recorders lagging bigtime bythemselves anyways.

With the DVD recorder off the adaptor doesn’t lag at all its prefect.

Cheers for that DD :tup: is there one for Xbox as well?

I’m not sure, maybe… I’ve only seen that one though…