Problems with AE DLC

so I have downloaded AE when it came out on 360 and noticed that i did not get a new list of achievements. I also noticed that i was unable to name an endless lobby as it described within the introduction tutorial.

Have you been able to play as the 4 new characters?

yh the four new characters are fine, but the other features as described above are not available to me.

The way that XBox works, you can delete the AE content, then re-download it for free. Hurrah for Xbox Live :slight_smile: [note, this isn’t a dig at PSN - I just don’t know how it works]. It might take a while to re-download, but hey - better working than not!
Don’t forget you can check your account on

new list of achievements… well its only DLC, so there should be only 4 new achievements, they are all as the last 4 achievements added to original SSF achievements, if you still have problems, try to delete cache/download dlc again.

thanks for the comments and will try to implement them asap