Problems with Billy Blanks

Hello fellow Dee Jay users. I don’t mean to take up forum space but I just wanted some of your thoughts on Dee Jay. In the first couple of weeks I really enjoyed playing him. I would rack up tons of wins with him. It seems now that the game has been out for a while winning with him has gotten a bit harder. I get really frustrated on the game I play with him isn’t getting me wins. His pokes get beat ridiculously by most characters. His wake up game is really frustrating, I know he has his light up kick and his EX version but most intermediate players safe jump and work well getting around it. His lack of a good anti air normal is also really lame along with having no over head. :sad: I am going to keep playing him because he has been my favorite character since ST. But I just want to know what do you guys do to win consistently. I know my vortex, knee shot mixups, BnB combos. I have problems with zoning correctly and of course that awesome Ex MGU dash U2. I’ve gotten opinions about Dee Jay from other players (some advanced players) and they personally thing Dee Jay isn’t a good character. I like to think he is solid and underrated but on certain match ups I tend to get frustrated and lean towards they’re opinion. For example: Dee Jay Vs Chun, Dictator, Boxer, and specially GUILE!

Thank you for your time.

it is said but true. there are a lot of better characters. I used to think he was b rank but he doesn’t seem complete.

He needs a new special move and/or an overhead.

Capcom should have invested more time into this character because he is obviously lacking.

if anything a quick fix would be i-frames on his ex mgu

I agree 100%.

Which is really annoying - because he is by-far my favourite character.
What I’d do for a better wake-up option and maybe one solid poke move.

Weird thing is he does have invincible frames on his EX MGU…but nowhere near enough to be useful.

And LK sobat is an okay wakeup if the opponent likes to throw out crouching attacks, but it’s unsafe. Humorously enough, people haven’t caught on that it’s unsafe while I played Dee Jay. :smiley:

But yeah, Dee Jay just doesn’t really have a lot. There’s a lot I don’t really like about Dee Jay…like his fireball having so much recovery or the fact that comboing into EX MGU is so spacing-dependent. Lack of overhead sucks too, since crossups will only go so far…if LK sobat was safe, I’d have no problems with no overhead.

He’s just not even fun to use anymore… :confused:

This thread is making me a sad sad panda…

I really enjoy playing Dee Jay, but as many people have already said it feels like he’s missing something. He seems like just a very Basic character to me, but seemingly nothing to put him over the top. I’m far from an advanced player, but that’s just my two cents. It seems like I have to rely on the same 2-3 tricks on offense.

Still though, he’s fun enough to play. I like his cross-up game and catching people with knockdowns seems pretty effective. Can’t say I’m going to just flat out drop him, but it looks like I might go back to leveling up my Dictator game again (along with the other thousand or so people playing him now too).

No overhead? Try his s.MP which is a BEAST and a life saver in annoying jump-in situations, as well as his c/s.HP if you time it right.

Dee Jay, like most charge characters, is about the gimmicks. If you can’t mess with your opponent’s mind and get them to open up somehow, your options are limited since you can’t do every special on command. Capcom gave DJ the skills necessary to do these “gimmicks”.

  • His slow max-out is an excellent zoning tool which you can trail behind and then slide kick a FA (after absorb) or a jump-in
  • While his wake-up game sucks, he can make the wake-up game of most opponents a nightmare. His mixup is such that half the time even I don’t know which side of my enemy I’m going to land on (might be good, might be bad)
  • His is godly. A sweep with decent speed and much less frame disadvantage on block than most other sweeps in the game
  • DJ’s j.lp must have some of the most open damage frames in the game, as it freakin’ LASTS. This is great for quickly knocking people out of the air without much need for precise timing
  • j.HP. USE IT. This is your solitary jump-in tool either against an air opponent or a ground opponent. If it hits a ground opponent, your combo potential is through the roof. If it misses, you can still block most counter-moves. Good against FAs too.

The list goes on. He’s not the best, but he can screw around enough to get your opponent on their feet. If you want to play for fun, play Dee Jay.

I heard it has i-frames but i find it hard to believe. It needs as many i frames as an srk.

I think they mean overhead as in one that can hit a crouch-blocker.

Playing with DeeJay and his mixups are fun until you get into the higher level play when you opponent actually knows how to block and tech-throw regardless as to whether you crossup or not. I’ve found myself completing wrecking people on one hand, but the other is a tough cookie. I don’t know what to do when they block everything I throw at them for half the round and then frame trap the hell out of me into a corner.

I was actually looking forward to using Dee Jay in tournaments. But so far is not looking to good for the exact reasons you just pointed out. When I play advanced players that know how to block, its really frustrating. Some one else mentioned the good things Dee Jay has but personally its not enough. I dropped him from being my main to just a secondary. I use Blanka as my main and with him I am much more successful in winning against most characters. I might try out Guile for my third a lot of Dee Jay players have told me to try him out… I don’t want to be another player jumping the Guile wagon though. But for now I am going to keep trying to up my Dee Jay game.

This is exactly how i feel too.

When I’m fighting someone who knows how to properly block and crouch-tech, it shuts down about 90% of my offense. All I can do is hope to catch them with a cr. mk, but then I’m right back in the same situation, and I’m just wasting my time with crossups -> jab/throw mixups.

So once they shut down your crossup game, it becomes a ground war / footsies game. Then Deejay is totally f*cked. What can he do? Most characters can easily out-poke him, especially Bison / Guile / Chun / Cody and many others. I can sometimes tag them with a light sobat if they keep sticking out low kicks. Or I can throw out EX Sobat like a scrub, but that’s just a hail mary, and never works up close. Good frame traps will shut down everything he’s got.

I think the best way to sum Deejay up is he’s excellent against scrubs, ok against average players, and awful against good/experienced players.

With scrubs you can just throw fireballs, wait for them to jump, anti-air with slide, then cross-up to death. If they knock you down just jackknife all their jump-ins / crossups

With average players you can catch them with a few tricks, like sliding under their fireballs (or Ex Sobat through), trick them a few times with crossup / fake-crossup / knee, and hopefully bait out enough mistakes for the win.

But with good/high-level players, you just gotta pray your reaction is on point and stay on your feet. If they get you in the corner, forget about it.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

i think you /thread’ed this thread lol

It has 4 frames of full invulnerability and 5 more of low invulnerability. The problem is that its first hitting frame is two frames after it loses low invulnerability. This means it can be used to make the active frames of a meaty attack whiff, and then start hitting during the meaty’s recovery, but you can’t just blow right through anything that has enough active frames to outlast your invulnerability, like you could with an EX SRK. The tradeoff is that EX MGU is much safer on block.

Wow, I thought I was the only one who felt this way.

The first few weeks of this game I was beasting with Dee Jay, now I can’t win 75% of my matches with him. Everyone’s learned his tricks and he’s got nothing else. I think what hurts him the most is his horrible priority.

I’ve gone back to maining Vega. I’m also trying to see if T.Hawk is a good option for a secondary. I’m not sure if he’s competitive yet or not.

I commiserate with my fellow Dee Jay enthusiasts. My experiences as of late have been similarly discouraging. But even though Dee Jay has far less handouts than some other spoiled characters, it doesn’t mean we should stop getting lost in the beat. I main Dee Jay and I don’t plan on changing that any time soon.

I think Dee Jay has a few really bad match-ups, but against other characters he is solid.
I tend to have a hard time with Akuma, Guile, Dictator and Sim.

honestly my salt came from losing to my friends viper but i learned how to beat viper with deejay. I still love playing deejay and i think i’m going to main him. Balrog is too braindead and anybody with half a brain can be successful with him.


We all just got this really interesting experience called a “plateau” progress is going forward but it levels out. Deejay is just as good as he was before, you’re just trying to spread it too thinly and messing up. He’s got an answer for everything, it just sucks for coming up with the answer too late.

Case in point, I realize he was like Ryu, but he had a really fun and interesting vortex, so I leaned too heavily on it. When it started to get stuffed, I realized that I was doing it wrong by consistently attempting it. I adjusted, and its another slow and steady climb back up to where I felt I was, but really wasn’t.

Only thing I can suggest is either not making him your main, or putting in more work for your secondary. Using Deejay over and over again works in an Endess lobby, or against friends/ tourneys, but I find myself struggling with rapid changes in playstyles. He isn’t a perfect jack of all trades, so sometimes being able to stick to your guns no matter what is better.

I will continue to main Dee Jay. It’s the only one I feel at ease with.

I’m struggling, for sure, but for the most part it’s due to me not knowing yet all those matchups with a character I don’t master yet, and I’m still doing some stupid errors.

All this with the fact that lot of players are back to their Vanilla main they’re playing since forever, sure we’re having some tough times.

imo opinion, dee jay is very good in most areas. that’s his problem. he has nothing special at all, he’s just very good. maybe if he had a killer ultra, he would be better.

His character weaknesses are all fine EXCEPT for his lack of any decent wake-up option.

If lk dread kick was much faster then he would be fantastic - I wouldn’t mind the poor ultra’s or lack of pokes.

But he’s still awesome. I think I might just pick a solid secondary for back-up.