Problems with Blanka's ultra

Ok, so this what I need help on?

I do know how to do blanka’s ultra, it is the easiest thing in the game but somethings happens, it goes under the opponent with 1 hit and thats all, this doesn’t happen all the time, I want what is making this happen, is there a extra thing u need to add at end? I tried this on training mode but same, what can’t I get the full hits?? This didn’t ever happen before, now it is happening.

hold down the buttons and release

which button? the heavy punch?

if you are attacking a jumping opponent it sometimes will hit only once and wont let you hold the ball when it land after the initial hop

The three punch buttons. It holds blanka. Release to set him FREEEE!

Are you using turbo?

Thanks so much everything, I don’t hold down all 3 punches, I just hold the hml punch and it works fine as a pie, this didn’t say anywhere, I even tried eventhubs, it didn’t say about hold it and release.

I’m pretty sure the game’s trial mode says you can hold and release. Not 100%.

I think his in-game move list says to hold it to change the timing. Also, is it possible to release during the overhead move in case they’re too far, see if I hit them with the overhead, then hold if I did?