Problems with character hopping

So, I’ve played sf4 since super. Not too long, but I’ve never been able to stick with a character, and as such never really learned the game very well. Usually I’ll play a character for a couple weeks, go on a huge losing streak and then I end up blaming the character and can never really play them well again. I really have trouble just powering through loss streaks. I’ve so far REALLY tried out Cody, sagat, rose, Abel, and guy . I feel like one major problem is that I don’t really know the game plan I guess for most characters, and i don’t really know street fighter that well i guess. i was wondering if anyone could recommend some character that would be good for really just learning the game. I know ryu obviously, but for some reason i just can’t get into him.

Cody and Sagat are pretty good for that. Ryu, obviously. Ken, Guile, Boxer, Dictator, Claw. Rose is pure fundamentals, too. Fei Long.

Out of the ones you have played previously, I’d probably try Rose or Cody. Don’t know your level of play, but just focus on learning a bread and butter combo and studying spacing and correct defense.

How did we get three of these within the same week?

I already lectured about this here

Good luck