Problems with combos in matches (not moaning about netcode)

I’ve had a hunt around the forum, and I’ve not been able to find much on this so i’m looking for some advice (however if there is a thread on this, point me in the right direction please)

I’ve got 4 or 5 combos I’ve been practising, (proper 3 or 4 hour sessions, about with 65%/80% success rate). I can spend hours and hours hammering them out. Great.

But then I have a match against a friend (offline or online, even vs the cpu) and… No combos… other then the standard jumping HK or HP… I have no idea really how to get in and start them… When I do get a “lucky” 1st hit to connect, I normally end up missing a link or chocking and stepping forward for a tick throw…

Now the missing link and chocking is my problems with just getting my game head right.

TLDR: Other then jumping in (kinda scrubby to do it every few secs to start a combo) How do I get in a position to start combo’s I.e. cr.lp>cr.lp.> .etc.etc (yes I play dudley)

The problem is (presuming you’re mostly lag free), I’d guess, that you’re just freaking out and rushing the combo. I’m still new to fighters in general, and can’t always execute my ultra when I try to, because I rush the inputs and get something else. Try just playing calm and collected, and rather than playing to win, you might just want to play in endless and focus on landing combo X, Y, and Z when you can.

I kind of only freak out when I actually start to land it … Its more of a case of I dont know how to get into a position to start it… I can jump in and combo fine… but find myself getting AA’d all the time. I just need a better way of getting in really… just looking for general advice.

Part of that just comes with expierience I’m sure (getting better at reading folks and whatnot), but a good place to start would probably visit your main’s subforum in the main area and check the threads there to see if anyone’s posted set-ups you can use or tactics you can incorporate into your game. I’m sure the Dudely forums will have some ideas for you. I don’t play dudely, but from my experience, jumping HP is pretty good with him. Otherwise, if AA is a big problem, try to stay on the ground (which is a good idea anyways) more than jumping. As Dudely, you’ve got your duck to get you through fireballs and such and to move into a better footsie range for yourself.

Probably the most basic method of landing combos is simply punishing your opponent after they do a big unsafe move (say, a blocked fierce DP), where you need to worry less about spacing/mindgames, and purely on execution. Hit-confirming is another method, where you make sure your initial attack lands before continuing the combo. I assume you aren’t losing every round to perfects, which means there’s probably space in the round for you to land combos.

The example above you posted is probably safe for a blocksting (I don’t play dudely (and I’m new in general), so if someone could confirm/correct me, that’d be awesome) up to the HP, so you don’t need to hit-confirm necessarily because on block it won’t fall prey to, say, mashed DP’s.

this is a common thing among a lot of people and it is NATURAL so don’t sweat it. the difference between doing comboes against an opponent and against a dummy is very different. you will still have to practice them in reall matches. so why is it different?

  1. pressure
  2. when in training mode you KNOW that your combo will hit unless you’re putting it on random block
  3. multiple things to concentrate on. even if you put the dummy on random block in training mode all of your concentration is on the combo. in real game you’re focusing on anti-air, spacing, mind games, etc. it’s a lot harder to hit when someone’s trying to hit back.

Most ground game is all poking so don’t be flustered that you can’t walk-up and c.lp. That’s expected.

You use your jab hit-confirm combos whenever you get a small opening on your opponent like after they do something unsafe that you block such as a Tiger Knee or Psycho Crusher.

I don’t play Dudley and I really don’t know how to apply his mix-up on a knockdown but, this should help you a little bit at understanding where those combos off of fast attacks comes into play.