Problems with connecting combos

an example of this can be when i play Ryu i and try to connect c.lp.clk.c.lp and offline it a lot easier but when i do it online it harder… an easier way of explaining is

offline success : 90%

online success : 25 %

but even though i have less sucess online i woulnt blame lag as i can still do some of the hard combos witch include technical fadc like dp into fadc into ultra

So what is the problem please help people of SRK! lol :slight_smile:



Sadly online, the slightest amount of latency can seriously effect certain links and help you whiff tough combos, so in this case, it’s probably not your fault execution wise.

Defensive play is affected by input delay just as much as combos are.

…anti-airs, blocking crossups, focus absorb, countering moves before they hit you that are safe on block, punishing mistakes by your opponent (the double SRK classic)…