Problems With Cthulhu Board (Pre-soldered from LL)

Hey you guys, i bought a board (the ones thatsalready been soldered) from LL. Iv had it for a while now maybe 1.5 - 2 months. but i never actually got to building my stick until recently. i mainly bought it to play tekken and i got inital problems like wen i press select it presses select+start (and for tekken thats the notation to reset the game, so i cant even practice or reselct my character.) alot of times in the beginning of the match, it presses start out of nowhere. and when ever i go to the ingmae XMB, i would have to press start in order for my stick to wrk in the xmb then press start again wen i get out of xmb for it to work ingame…Its reall hurting my practice and my matches

PS: I already cheked my wires and the solder on it. there seem to be no any visible problems. The two holes that you have to solder together to press select+start arent even soldered together…


First thing to do would be to check how it reacts on a PC; its a lot easier to how it behaves. Go into the control panel applet for game controllers, mash around a lot, and see if anything odd sticks out. Is anything showing as always pressed? Does moving the stick move the POV hat, the XY axis, or both?
Check the bottom of the board, there should be a revision listed, like ‘Cthulhu v1.2’ or similar. Post up what that is.
If you can, a picture of the top and bottom could be helpful.

Alright I hooked up my stick to the computer and it seems that you were right. 10 (Start) is being pressed all the time. What does this mean?

Either one of the resistor packs is on backwards, or there’s a mistake in your wiring. Answering the other questions could rule out one of those.

Im 100% sure that its not the wiring. I rewired it atleast 3 times and its still giving the same results. So what does the other one mean?

Is there any particular reason you can’t take a peek at the version number underneath? On either side of the chip are long thin parts. What color are they? Take a multimeter and measure the resistance between the START screw terminal and the GND screw terminal. Also measure the resistance between the START screw terminal and the VCC screw terminal.