Problems With Downloaded Content/HD to Console Transfering:

Okay, here’s my situation:

I went over to one of my boys’ cribs with the following: XBHD (20GB), 1200 MSPts card. I connected my HD into my friends console and went on Live. The mission was to download the new CoD:W@W Map Pack (plus Doom). I instantly log on via ethernet cable (found it weird that I still had an existing silver account…even though my gold subscription ran out last year November), and proceed to download the needed content. Everything went smoothly…until I got home later that night.

I reconnect my HD into my console and turn the system on. First off, my avatar isn’t showing up anymore (it remains blank/black…as if I never made one). Plus, it’s telling me that I need to go back online to download the avatar update (again). Another problem also is that when I boot up COD (keep in mind, I went into my memory settings on the dashboard and IT SHOWS THAT I HAVE THE MAP PACK AS WELL AS THE FULL GAME OF DOOM). So…why the hell are my newly purchased maps nowhere on any of the selection screens (the new MP maps and Verruckt). Plus, it only shows that I have the TRIAL version of Doom (when I already purchased the full game!).

I’d appreciate it if someone is able to let me know what I did wrong or why the downloadable content isn’t available on my console when I have them in my HD already. A speedy (ASAP) response would be highly grateful…thanks in advance.


When you dl content on Live it let’s you access it by either:

a) Using it on the console you originally downloaded it on. (Not the HDD specifically)
b) Being currently logged in to the user’s account (on XBOX Live) that purchased the content.

Sounds like you are not logged into you account when you try it at home? I would would have copied the user profile to your HDD when you were at your buddies. It can only exist on one console at a time unlike PSN.

It logs me in at home (I don’t have an active connection at my place, thus why I went elsewhere to DL) but the DL’able content isn’t accessed. SO by what you’re saying, I’m going to have to either get back over there and copy the profile or somehow get on Live and recover my Gamertag to be able to access my content…if I’m not mistaken.

And btw, I did DL the content on my user account…tho, like I said, it was on a different console/location.

Because you used only your HDD on your buddies XBOX and not your system, the content is only available offline on your buddies system. It ties the content to the console you dl it on for offline use. So to use your content currently on your system you would need to have an active connection to XBOX Live at your place (Silver or Gold) using the account that made the purchase.

so if I’m offline I’m pretty done then I guess…I got an active connection now at the radio station I’m in via 50-foot ethernet cable so I’m gonna sort the stuff out now…thanx man!!

Yeah so basically I screwed myself then because I cannot access the content offline (only online). Is there ANY way that I would be able to access it offline on my console by somehow synching with my friends system to get my data pulled out his console? Kinda frustrated at this point to think that I ‘wasted’ 20 bucks for nothing (since I cannot get only where I live for absolutely no reason).

Microsoft officially sucks now…I’m selling my system…>_>…