Problems with dual modding an xbox controller

So I found an old xbox controller (the HUGE one!) and out of the blue I decided to dual mod it with a madcatz 360 controller. So I spent one night of non-stop action of soldering and terminal hooking-up and once everything was connected it appears that the buttons are always going off at half power. It only happens when it’s sharing connections with the 360 pcb. For example, if I unhook the A button of the 360 controller from the terminal, the A button on the regular xbox works fine. If I push the “pushbutton” it goes to full power. I hope there’s a way to fix this because I spent a load of time on it!!!

I bet you didn’t tie the voltage and grounds of both controllers together.

I did. the voltage is directly connected and all of the grounds are connected on one terminal. I’ll try and post a picture of the spaghetti mess later. The buttons actually work though, I have an xbox test disk that tells you information about the controller that i use to test it. A, B, X, Y, Black, and White all register at 160/255 but when the pushbutton is pressed it goes to 255/255 which is good, but at 165 it always registers as being pressed.

Alright so I found the solution.

you have to use diodes. now i have a dual modded QCF small case with the large xbox controller and a madcatz :smiley: