Problems with execution

i can’t use the joystick at the arcade and i don’t have one at home. but what about you guys, any tips on getting better at executing moves on the joystick? i seem to be able to moves better when facing the left (in other words, the 2P start position). right now, i can only use urien cuz he’s all charges :lol: would ANY joystick be a good joystick to practice on? how’s the cheapass topmax enforcer joystick for the dc? sorry if this should be in the hardware section, not too sure…so let’s just add in this little bit; can dudley use his low roundhouse out of nowhere, and simply juggle with another one? i can’t seem to be able to do it on the dreamcast, but i saw a video of i think 178 doing it. is it strictly an arcade thing or am i just too slow or something?

Play a lot , you’ll get your execution down eventually!

If you can find a good joystick it would be faster to learn in training mode but I don’t know how good the topmax enforcer is. It’s natural to have an easier time doing supers facing the left at first, wrist motion is faster.

Dudley’s low Roundhouse x n combo is character specific, I know it works on the girls and Alex, maybe someone else too. You also need to walk forward a little bit between the low roundhouses. It’s really easy on Chun-Li.

I don’t know crap about dudley, so the other stuff:

For your execution, you might want to watch how “good” players hold the stick. I realized how important this is when my brother started playing recently and held it totally different from the way I hold it. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but adopting someone else’s style (who can do his executions, obviously :slight_smile: ) could actually help you get executions once you feel comfortable with the position. I know it helped my brother a lot when my friends and I taught him how to hold the stick.

A little description just for fun: I keep my fingers curled around the side with my wrist always resting nearly flush with the control panel. I try to keep my position so that my arm is parallel to the upward direction but sometimes it doesn’t work that way with small cabinets. Anyways, I loosely hold my thumb off on the right side. To dash left, I just rotate my wrist left twice and only make contact with my thumb. To dash right, I rotate my wrist right and only make contact with my fingers instead. To defensively crouch or parry down, I sort of squeeze my thumb and fingers tight around the joystick while my wrist is stationary, unless I’m blocking, when my hand moves slightly to the right or left. To jump, I actually move my whole hand forward, trying not to move my arm much.

I don’t have much experience, but from what I hear from almost everybody, “cheapass” joysticks, or those for like 40 dollars or less, aren’t good at all. The MAS sticks are alright, but they wear out pretty quickly (within one year). I think there are sticks with perfect 360 joysticks built in, those are the best and last a long time.

hey closet remy, thanks a lot for the bit about HOW to hold a joystick. i think that’s a lot of the problem. with my scrub grip, i can’t do anything. do you think you could send me a pic of your description? heh, just a standard stationary pic, cuz it’s hard to picture the whole thing. the parallel arm thing is hard to understand. but thanks!

Here is the modified scrub grip. You’ll probably find that it’s not too unlike your own, but that just means less work. Here you go

i just got an arcade stick today aswell, and it really doesnt feel as i thought it would feel, the stick is really small imo…, and is there a way to actually relearn all the moves, i got some fireballs out but hcb or hcf are really hard =/ and dashing wont even work all the time, u gotta do it really fast… i even had problems with superjumping =/

any tips?

what kind of stick did you get? it seems so inexpensive to make a stick, but they are expensive to buy prebuilt…if i have to, i’ll get one of the cheapass joysticks, just to practice on, cuz i figure any stick is better than dc controller.

i just got the sega one, pretty pricy, but everyone says its the best…

and btw, ive been training alot, it kinda works now, except supers are a bit laggy, and its strange that the stick is different then pad, coz for pad its easier to be 1P and with stick easier for 2P real funny :stuck_out_tongue:

and i learnt this from a good friend korngo for life just sit down flat, spread ur legs and put the stick in between… other stick ppl… it really worked :o

you mean the official agetek dreamcast grey box with green buttons and green ball on top of the joystick? that’s not as pricey as the homemade ones some people try to sell (which even look like the arcade ones, and i’m sure they are awesome) but i don’t want to spend like, 100 us on a controller that i’m just using to practice so i can GO to the arcade…i might as well use that 100 us to PLAY at the arcade and practice (though the controller would last forever, or whatever)…i want to make one, but i don’t want to fuck up my only dreamcast controller.