Problems with finding Ranked matches

Sorry if i posted this in the wrong forum but is anyone else having problems with the rank matches on the PSN, when i look for rank match lobbies no matter what settings i have for the custom search, it says that no rooms were found, yet if i create a room, people come in it, even the player match search works, only time i cant find a room is on rank and i know there are lobbies up because my roommate in the other room can find rank rooms. If anyone knows whats up or can help me fix this weird problem that started up 3 days ago, it would be much appreciated.

I get that all the time, but it’s usually when I’m looking for “more skilled”(lol@that.) folks. sometimes they show up and sometimes there’s none to be found. It’s quite possibly because hardly anyone is on or they’re just not in your field of ranking unless you pick “any skill”.

I damn sure know I can never find a tournament or team battle match anywhere, either.

Well like I know they’re there because I did a test and had my roommate look up ranks lobbies and they showed up by the truck load like they usually do then I ran to my room and nothing so i know something is not right yet i can go to player matches and the lobbies pop up normally.

I have the same problem on XBOX. In Super, I would do Fight Request and I could rarely get passed the first stage because I would get interrupted constantly for matches. In AE I can go 2-3 stages or more and not get a single fight. It seems to me that either less people are playing ranked or less people in general are playing AE (or both).

Yea its just weird, maybe people are just getting tired of the twins haha.

For me (Xbox Europe, Any skill), competition is still pretty fierce and no problems getting matches. Perhaps that little bit ‘slower’ in terms of getting hooked up during the arcade mode indicating less player base to match make but usually still get in within a match or so. Whats more important is that the people playing ranked are really good and are handing my ass back to me on a silver plate (and I have played this game since vanilla). You seldom see SRK spammers anymore. Totally having a blast now. I think the AE crowd are maturing such that the good and dedicated players are now playing this game and the new comers/scrubs have moved on to other games that grab their attention. Which may not be a bad thing IMO.


Oh, Naoki_Tani, There are no ranked match lobbies. Go play via the arcade mode to get ranked matches. Ranked match lobbies will facilitate boosting which is against the ethos of the whole ranked system.