Problems with getting into sites

yeah so something is messed up with my computer.

Problem is I can’t log into sites like or do simple things like log out of my email. It was working fine about 3 days ago, and i started to notice that it wont log in. Sometimes I am able to get to but logging in just brings me to a timed out/unable to connect page. It works in the other computers in my house, just mine specifically it will not work…

I don’t think its my browser (Firefox), cuz i tried it on IE and it still doesnt work.

Anyone have any ideas on what’s going on?

I think it might have something to do with your browsers’ security settings or certificates that they’re connected to. It’s difficult to troubleshoot without having someone actually take a look at it.

How are you connected, wireless or ethernet cable or dare is say dial-up(yuck!)? There could be a number of reasons. Please post your specs.

Heres a tip. If you connect through an ethernet cable, unplug it then restart your computer. once its back up, plug that sucker back in. If that doesn’t work. you should check your router to see if your computer comes up. there’s probably a setting that has been enabled, static ip or whatever. check your connections within windows and make sure its set dynamically. Unless you want it statically. (if you have no idea, just set it dynamically. let your router manage that sucker)

Your ethernet card may have died. Check to see if it has a green/yellow/red light.

If you can score a wireless usb stick from someone, you can always test it there. Also, have you tried using an alternate browser like Internet Explorer (yuck)?

I recently turned on my windows firewall and couldnt get on pages like facebook. Might be worth a look.

He’s got an internet connection, it’s just specific sites that he can’t access. It’s not a dead ethernet card.

Download HijackThis, run it, get a log file, and post it back up in this thread and we can help you out.

You should probably also ask this in the computer help thread.

Make sure your computer system clock is displaying the correct year 2009.

Gene try looking at porn made in this country if possible ( i know american girls are not at the level of beautiful asian women). I had that problem, i think you have malware (common in foreign porn sites) or something bad and your comp is protecting your info. i could be wrong or right … :nono::nono::nono:

I’d definitely give your computer a good check for spy/mal ware. Spybot search and destroy and adaware are both good choices.

What windows version do you have?