Problems with Hori Fighting Stick EX2


Hello guys.

I tried searching for a similar thread but ended up not finding anything. I apologize in advance if by any chance this has been discussed before and I failed to find the info I wanted.

Anyway, here’s the deal: I bought myself a Hori Fighting Stick EX2 for Xbox (the greenie one) more or less 3 months ago. Now, I’m not sure if it’s innate to the controller or if it can be fixed, but trying to move the lever so that your character jumps forward (the ‘9’ on common notation) is a pain now. You can clearly hear the clicks of the lever when you move it, and there are also the spots where the lever “locks”, but even when I hear the click and “lock” it on the upper forward diagonal, the char will just walk forward instead of jumping forward. The same doesn’t happen with the opposite direction though (‘7’ in common notation).

I didn’t use the controller much and was using it mostly for SFIV. I was having trouble inputting some stuff, and sometimes I’d even fail on pulling simple things, like Hadoukens or Shorys, and sometimes I’d even miss some jumps, in which I aimed for a direction and ended up doing something totally nonsense, which was totally ruining my combos and execution. I always thought this was happening due to my lack of experience using arcade sticks.

Anyway, yesterday I decided I’d try BlazBlue out. I have a long history in Guilty Gear, and the gameplay is very similar, so I thought it’d go alright.

Then, I noticed I couldn’t Instant Air Dash forward, no matter how hard I tried, and that’s how I’ve noticed the area where you can bring the lever to and actually make your char jump forward is a VERY strict area, pretty difficult to hit.

So, my doubts are:

  1. Is this normal? Is the controller supposed to be like this?

  2. If not, how can I fix it?

Thanks a lot in advance for anyone who reads and / or answers this.


I have an EX 2 and I never experienced the issues you describe.

Can you take the bottom off and inspect the joystick? Maybe take some photos to share and help us diagnose it for you?

It sounds like one or two things: Either one of the switches is bad, or the gate is somehow misaligned and not letting the lever hit the switches properly.


Why did my post get deleted? Anyways my point still stands, Hori-EX2 Is rough and yes that is normal, You can mod the stick if you want sanwa but stock parts are kinda crap but its one of the best in my opinion sticks you can buy right out of the box because you don’t have to mod it right away like the SE.


@donovanmyers: Thanks a lot for the input. I do think I can open it up and post pictures =) although I have never done it before haha. I’ve noticed now, upon further testing, that one of the things I’ve said was wrong. When the lever LOCKS in the the upper-front position, the char doesn’t jump. Okay, but there’s also no clicking sound. If I start moving it towards neutral Up stance, than, a few milimeters before reaching neutral up, it’ll click and the char jumps forward. So, I think that if there is a possibility of the gate being misaligned, I guess that’s what’s happening.

Anyway, I’ve seen once pics of a guy who opened up this controller, but he completely destroyed it. Just before I start my adventure with screwdrivers and etc here, I’d like to know: will opening it cause any permanent damage to the controller?

@MrMoon: Hey =) thanks for the answer MrMoon. Although your point goes a bit against what donovanmyers said before, I think it’s still valid asking: is it possible to switch the lever for a Sanwa one without causing damage to the controller?

Thanks a lot for the answers, please, keep them coming =).



Check out my Flickr photoset of my EX2:

You can see in the 2nd photo what the bottom looks like. If you just remove the 6 screws from the bottom plate and remove that, there should be no reason the stick would get damaged.



EX2 out of the box is stiff no matter what, His hori is obviously modded.


i have an EX2 all stock and it works perfectly. no "stiff"ness to it. it feels almost exactly like a sanwa with a little more throw distance. it sounds like either the actuator is broken or his spring is fucked up. also, i bought a new mayflash and the stick had problems registering diagonals, even though i heard clicking. turns out that the shaft piece that hits the actuators was way too small and wouldn’t hit two actuators at once so i wrapped electric tape around it to thicken it up and widened the gate and it works perfectly. don’t know if that will work with your EX2 problem but it sounds similar.