Problems with JLF square gate


I’m having issues with my JLF’s gate. It works fine mostly but I’m finding that it’s coming loose a lot more frequently than it should, considering it shouldn’t come out at all. When I open my stick I push it in and it works again but I can easily push on it and it’ll come right out. It’s not latching properly for one reason or another, any advice?


It sounds like it’s not pushed all the way in (snapped in) correctly.
You may need to take the JLF apart piece by piece and put it back together nicely. If one of the parts isn’t settled into the correct spot it can put pressure on the gate and push it out.


just reading the thread name, i thought your square gate turned into a triangle


Yeah I figured it was supposed to snap in. I had to take it apart before to get it to fit properly in my Paewang Revolution so I mighta screwed up somewhere when I did that. I’ll take it apart and check it out and report back in the morning.