Problems with joining games, and finding games.. PS3 (wlan?/cable?)

so, i have massive problems with EVERY street fighter game… the same with this new one here…

failed to create lobby
takes 5 hours to find players

u know the things…

so i thought about buying me an network switch so i can hook up my ps3 with an network cable, but does it really do the job?
i cant image why it would be better to connect with a cable than my standard wireless connection(100% signal)

is my problem network cable / wifi based or not?

i have my ps3 in an DMZ already, in fifa 12 i got an orange firewall status which doesnt change if i dont use DMZ it will stay at orange, same thing i see in the network status of my ps3. it is always NAT type 2

anyone maybe can help me out before i spend my money on a switch and another 2 network cables


im based in EU btw

I’ve experienced a lot of problems joining lobbies.
That said, I’ve seen people turn up on the list of lobbies twice. o_O

Think the match making is fucked up in this game honestly. Fight request for example appears to only work in “same” area both in arcade and briefing room with a partner. Also why the hell is there no fight req in training mode single player?

Dude, you are not alone. My internet connection is 100% healthy, yet this game rapes the online system. Cant find people and when it does, it takes FOREVER. Cant join on lobbies, and battles sometimes end because of connection. It is really pissing me off…the online experience in this game if god awful.

Agree. I love the game but online is horrid. I used to join with a friend from Malaysia to Australia in SFIV with me being on a 1MB line. Now I’m on 4MB and I cant join lobby or cant join game using SFxT. How can we communicate this to Capcom? I DGAF what they do about Gems, Pandora or any DLC - just let me connect to a freakin’ game online!!!

So since release I’ve ran great once I got in to game, but there was random problems with matchmaking/launching games. It seemed like sometimes right as the match is about to start, during the opening animation it would hang and match would be canceled.

Then I was trying to play with a friend, we got in to 1v1 matches fine, but if we did team games EVERY time we got a 3rd/4th person, it hanged before match. We thought it might have been the other person, but we tried person after person. Every single time it happened, so we figured it must be one of the settings on one of us.

We messed with our router settings and it has since fixed the problem. Here is what we did if it could help anyone else…

BTW - This was done on PS3, I don’t know if you will get similar results on 360, but it can’t hurt.

  1. Make sure you have your router/console set to DMZ -
    PS3 here is a guide - - for
    360 here is a guide -

  2. On your UPnP settings on BOTH your router AND console, set it to “off”.

After both me and my friend doing this, our problem was solved. Only happened once or twice since then and I’m assuming it was the other person settings, because it was consistently hanging until we made sure we both had those settings.

I know this works on PS3 (or at least improves things dramatically) but please post here if you have success on 360.

Everyone knows that DMZ makes a big difference, but for some reason UPnP and SFxT do not mix. Make sure you shut it off!

Note: This does not affect joining lobbies - I think that’s due to it not updating the amount of players in the lobby and it’s really full. But this WILL help your disconnection on game launch!

I just wrote a topic for advice with those having matchmaking problems

Hope it helps!

When me and my friend were having problems, I had DMZ on but he did not.

BUT UPnP being on for some reason screwed with the game. Shutting it off and him setting DMZ not only helped us be able to play 3+ player games, but when I play on my own I don’t have as many disconnects on launch.

So make sure you shut off UPnP if you have it on!

^^ Not really a viable option if you have two xbox’s on the same router. Once I wokred out my router problems I can join every match, but the simple fact of the matter is this game has horrible matchmaking and capcom need to be made aware and fix it.

2 consoles on the same router is never really fully viable, considering DMZ (or at least port forwarding) is required for consoles to have decent performance, and you can’t dmz or forward the same ports to multiple devices.

Although doing what I suggested, and hosting on the device that is set to DMZ, is your best option if your forced to use the same router.

UPnP works fine on my router to resolve the problem. (using DD-WRT) I don’t have any problems joining game’s and no performance problems.

However, this game has terrible matchmaking in general, and arcade fight request is broken including the one in briefing room. Farmed a few people back to 0 BP last few days because keep getting matched up against the same players over and over, and you cant tell me they are the only ones playing the game…

Fight req appear to ignore region filtering as well.

(btw both consoles are connected via ethernet)

so wait, you’re on wifi?! that’s your problem, you can barely play FPSs with wifi let alone fighting games, also a 100% signal just means your router is close by and it’s receiving a good signal, whether your cable provider has good up/down speeds is totally different, if you have a bad connection from your modem a 100% wireless is just transferring 100% of that bad signal, get it? try hard wiring straight to your modem and it will be fine

I don’t have much trouble hosting or joining but finding a game in ranked mode can take almost 5 minutes.

Not everyone plays online connected to a router. The online just randomly sucks ass. I finally got into two games today and almost the majority of any special input move I would try would fail to come out correctly.

endless is where its at. Ive no problem finding or creating those but in ranked it can literally take a few minutes… even then its rare to find someone else on a good connection or not on wifi… or not a ryu/ken fierce masher :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t join a single lobby in endless…:confused:

Not really. I do it all the time.