Problems with kara throws and plinking on PS3



I finally got a chance to sit down last night and hit traingig mode on PSN for the first time. After an hour I noticed my combos are much easier to hit confrim now. The only real obsticle to my PS3 street fighter game is the fact that I can’t kara throw or plink with any precision. Even when I get it to work, I have no idea why.
Has anyone else tried playing on PS3, how did you adjust?


what’s happnening when you attempt to kara throw?

if throw is coming out but it’s not kara-ing you’re doing it too fast.
if HK is coming out then you’re doing it too slow.


I either get one or the other, I haven’t been able to nail that sweet spot yet


I’ve always had a bit of difficulty with kara throws as well. Sometimes it’ll end disastrous when i attempt a kara throw and miss it, whiff a HK and get punished severely.


I didn’t even realize I had this problem till I hit a tourney that used PS3s and had to play without a kara throw. It took me a while to get it down on 360, hopefully I can resolve this in time for EVO. Vega with no Kara throw is going to be a sad sad sight.


start out slow whiffing sHK and gradually speed up. do about 10 laps kara throwing across the screen from one end to the other. that should help out


AFAIK the only difference between 360 and PS3 SFIV is that all your inputs happen 2 frames later on PS3. (So the first frame of your move happens the 3rd frame after you press the button and not the frame after.) Do the same thing you do on 360 and your kara-throw should happen, just 2 frames late.


Okay, that makes sense Person-Man. I’m trying to nail timing for my punishes now as well. My meaty attacks now need to be activated earlier.


I’ve found when I play on my fight stick, I can kara throw more fluidly than my pad. Linking cr.lp is also much easier on a stick. Cancels and playing solid defense are easier on a pad though imo.


yeah stick is usually poor on movement and directions motions, but great on punches, pad is the other way round. some guys did a hybrid iirc. it looks like shit but they get the best of both world.

although hitboxes are kind of great for qc and charge characters


kara throw is greatly helped by having a 1 button assigned to throw, the kara throw possibility comes from the game engine being lenient and allow a throw to happen even if lk and lp are not pressed exactly simultaneously.

if you use leniency to get HK kara cancel into grab you use the leniency on hk so there is none for lp and lk, basically you cannot kara cancel into a kara cancel, you have 1 (maybee2) frames to press all three button in one of the few correct sequences that will work
hk > hk+lk+lp
hk+lk > hk+lk+lp
hk+lp > hk+lk+lp
though too much delay between both input reports will give hk

hk > hk + lk > hk + lk + lp will give hk you kara cancel hk into hk+lk (aka plink) then thrid input report is discarded leniency cartrige was blown on plink
hk > hk + lp > hk + lk + lp will give hk same
hk + lk + lp > whatever will give grab (highest priority move for that report, the only thing you could kara that into is a special move FBJ,ST,RCF,super, ultra)


I don’t know if it is technically a kara throw, but I mix in POM then throw upon landing. Nobody expects it.


that’s just borderline risky

Since i use a Hori FC3 (FC3 pro en route) i have 2 sets of HK and HP buttons. I use my shoulder HK button to kara throw


Ok although this is an old post I just thought i place my findings here since i was looking for similar information and couldnt find it.
Firstly I play on ps3 using the standard ps3 pad with default button settings. So if u use a stick then this is not 4 u.

I have always had problems Kara throwing and just last week, while doing my Kara laps i stumbled on to a technique that has significantly increased my accuracy. What i want to know is if it is just my mind tricking me or if it is indeed easier this way.

Two things I noted:

  1. Lp~Lk gives u a throw and the input looks something like this

  2. KKK + Lp = throw (i know >duhhh)

so what i was doing is Hk~Lk~Lp+KKK
Now before tha bashing start pls pls try it…Im getting really good consistent distance with it. The kkk is there just incase I added too much space between lk~lp for the throw (a sort of back up). It looks like this on the side of the screen

Lk, Lp, Mk, Hk
Hk, Lk

and sometimes

Hk, mk, lk, lp
Lk, Lp
Hk, Lk


I’ve also had issues when kara-throwing while on a PS3 with my Madcatz stick. It drove me crazy. 100% accuracy on Xbox, but only about 30%-50% on PS3.

Strange enough, the solution for me was switching from Madcatz to Hori (RAP V3 SA)

I have no idea why. I honestly don’t like the feel of the Hori stick (my wrists have nowhere to rest), but it completely solved the kara-grab issue for me.


I still practice kara grabbing whenever I’m in the training room, it’s hanging around 50%, I just need to claw my fingers just right in the match. The 85-90% combo accuracy is a much appreciated tradeoff though.


What you do is, press all 3 buttons at the same time. Now that position you got going, just shift your HK (or MP, if you’re into that kinda stuff) finger down a little, and move your wrist/arm the same as you did when you pressed all 3 at the same time.