Problems with multiple normals to special move links (HELP PLEASE!)

alright, i’ve been practicing this hit confirm combo for about an hour (switching in between this and more demanding combo’s) and this combo just seems a little random for me and weird. i know its a bnb combo, which makes it all the more frustrating. I can hit [c.lp, f.srk] with no problem because the timing is really fast between the two hits, but for some reason if i add the other c.lp the timing switching and you need to do f.srk a bit slower after the second c.lp, am I wrong? also, sometimes when i execute the f.srk motion (in which i go from down-forward, down, down-forward) ken decides to execute a delayed fireball. its so random to me, any help? in matches it came out before I practiced it alot, but when i started to practice it, that’s when it started to get really ambiguous on me. please help. (i use SFIV TE fight stick if that helps) Any tips on how to straighten up my execution?

also, when linking special moves from normals [i.e. c.lp, c.lp. f.srk] there is a timing change from just c.lp, f.srk which is just one crouch jab to fierce shoryu. what’s that timing change from a single normal to special in contrast to the timing in a multiple normal to special link combo?

You can’t cancel into a special move from a chain canceled normal. So you’ll need to link c.lp into c.lp and then cancel into srk. There is no timing difference between c.lp and srk, but you probably need to slow down the c.lp to c.lp. You need to make sure you don’t cancel into it; you must link c.lp after c.lp.

So basically, do c.lp, wait a moment, and then do c.lp into srk as usual.

Edit 1: I just looked up the frame data, using your notation and assuming by c.lp you mean crouching lp, [c.lp, f.srk] has similar timing as [c.lp, c.lp f.srk] and you can’t cancel the c.lp into, so try that combo until you get used to the timing.

Edit 2: I just noticed after trying the combo out, you can actually link fierce srk after crouch lp. I thought you were just misusing the word link. I guess since that is the case, there is no timing difference between one normal and two normals. You’re just canceling the normal into srk when you do it with a single normal as opposed to actually linking it. However, you can indeed slow down the timing of the srk to get the link after two chained normals. Either way is fine I guess, because both links are 3 frame links.

So, you’ll have to either slow down the srk or slow down the second c.lp.

Edit 3: I was bored so I decided to make a quick youtube video of the timing. I did 3 crouch lp’s because it’s easier to see the timing that way. The timing to link the srk is the same as the lp, if you would rather link the srk instead of the lp. In this video I canceled into the srk, though. That way was just easier for me since it’s similar to my main’s bnb combo.


wow, you made a youtube video? You went over and beyond of what I asked for, I greatly appreciate it. I see you are actually executing the entire shoryuken motion aswell (forward, down, downforward fierce) as opposed to a recommended downforward, down, downforward fierce. is this because it increased the accuracy for the srk to come out as opposed to a fireball, or because it helps with the timing. Also, if you can do me one little favor and change the name of that youtube video to something meaningful instead of just “alksjdf”. I ask this because nobody took the time out to make a video specializing in the correct timing for CANCELS, and I would like to save this in my favorites… this video is valuable to me.

Sure I can change the title, but you should know that if you want to hit confirm with the jabs before doing the SRK, you probably don’t want your combo to look anything like what I did in that video. The reason being that if you jab that slowly on a blocking opponent, they’ll likely be able to mash out against you. I was just showing the timing for the last hit of the string.

If you chain cancel the jabs and link the SRK, the jab to SRK will have the same timing as the jab to jab in that video, though. I hope that makes sense.

Also, I just do the normal SRK input because that’s…just what I do. I don’t play Ken so I don’t know why there would be something different recommended for him.