Problems with MvC2 TE Fightstick?

Hey there. I’m new here, sorry if I put this in the wrong place or something lol. But yeah, I’ve been playing on an MvC2 TE that I got for Christmas in 2010 since…well, Christmas, 2010.

I’ve taken pretty good care of it and it was really weirding me out when just a little under a week ago, it stopped working. It’s not entirely broken or anything; if I fiddle around with the wire or whatever I can kind of get it to work again. It just randomly sort of turns itself on and off…?

I assumed the Fightstick was messed up or something, but the other day an interesting message came up when I had 2 TE’s plugged in and was playing with some friends; something like “USB Ports are Full. Please remove at least one device.” This made me start thinking it might be a problem with my PS3, which is weird because my other sticks all work perfectly.

Basically, my fightstick sort of randomly stops working occasionally, and I’m not sure if it’s the stick’s problem or my PS3’s since I got that weird error message. It’s been several days since I last used it, but upon trying again today, it won’t work at all, and I’m really a little upset considering it was such an expensive product and I had taken pretty good care of it, just for it to abruptly stop working. Does anyone have any idea what’s going on here?

Probably going to be your USB cable IMO

If it works when you play with the wire, it’s probably a USB cable issue.
Is there any visible stress or breaks on the cable that you can see?

if you know how to solder its a 5 min fix… agreed with the others it sounds like you have a bad usb cable… happens over time…