Problems with my TE

Alright. So I ordered the BlazBlue limited edition TE stick from Amazon. I just received it. Popped it on the PS3 and everything was fine and dandy, but my stick couldn’t read movements in the right direction. I popped open the TE, and started clicking the stick’s Micro Switches, and it seems like there might be a short in the micro switch that moves right is there anyway to fix this problem, or do I have to go through the trouble of sending it back?

Set it to dp?

If every direction but right works, what makes you think changing the button input is gonna make a difference?

i would give madcatz a call. I wouldnt mention that you opened it up.

also, try reposting this in the tech section

Alright gonna repost this in the tech section

Did you set the controller ingame to Fightstick? I know thats noob but it makes a big difference to me…

Your microswitch is definitely broken. If you call Madcatz and they don’t come through for you, you can just buy one of these: Sanwa MS-0-2P Switch