Problems with Negative Edge using the Pad

Negative edge sounds like a great technique to use on the joystick. But for pad users it brings some problems. Many pad users are used to holding onto buttons or at least not releasing the button at once after pressing it. Say on the pad you do a shoryuken input, it is more natural and comfortable imo to not release the punch button once you press it. This is referring to the pad.

On the arcade, you just use the piano technique and kind of ‘tap’ the buttons, you don’t hold it, its just a tap and release. But this is different on the pad. It is quite natural to just ‘press’ the button rather than ‘tap’.

So in the end, on the pad, you release the punch/kick button later.

This brings problems because when you finally DO release the button, the game may treat it as a negative edge, so you get a punch coming out unintentionally.

This brings more problems when you are doing combos, say when you are comboing into Yun’s Genei Jin or during other combos, it will just stuff up. You intended to do a shoryu but somehow a hadouken comes out and ends the combo, because of the negative edge.

Are there any pad users here who has the same problem? Anyways to work around it?