Problems with Nyko Zero Wireless Hacking


I’m trying to put this controller in a stick. But I am having problems with the R2/L2 buttons.

These buttons do work fine on their own… However, if I hit any diagonal on the d-pad, the L2 button activates (KKK in SF4). And if I hit X (lP), Square (mP) and R1 (hP) at the same time , then the R2 button activates (PPP in SF4). Is there a solution to this problem?


Oh… and I did NOT take the Pots for the R2/L2 out… I just soldered the button to pins 1 and 2, and left pin 3 unconnected.


Okay, problem solved. I took the Pots out and now it works fine.


Is this PCB common ground? Also do you have pics?