Problems with oil coaster and personal thoughts



Greatings to all the Hakan players. I can do the oil coaster while buffering in the jump only sometimes but i don’t understand why I fail so often. I can do the 720 of the other characters and I don’t understand why I can’t do the only one that I need. Also, do you think that Hakan is still a bottom tier?


Strange. I think you know how to do it properly, you just need more practice. Just make sure that 2nd circle motion is done when you land.

I don’t believe in Tier orders. First of all Tier orders are made by people with very classic street fighter characters archetype e.g. does one have a reliable anti air? does one have projectile? Does one have DP? etc… Hakan has none of that. But he has answers to it all from his technicalities. He’s a true criticism to the street fighter system itself. It depends on how well you know him.

Anti fireball check
Anti grab check
Anti hit check
Anti air check (ultra 2, conditional normal, air grab, dash cancels)
High Mobility check

To be honest I don’t know in what tier to put him, he’s just unorthodox… so different, almost like cheating sometimes. So many features that other characters do not have.


Problem solved! Now the oil coaster is fine.


You’re forgetting his biggest flaw thou. All of that is available as long as he has oil. Without it he’s awful. As long as Hakan has that crutch he’s always going to be bottom-tier.


buffering walking 720s isn’t going to be easy to learn. it can take some people lots of time just to pick up. the easiest way to do a walking 720 (in my opinion) is to do standing mp or jab and during the block stun, immediately buffer a 720 motion counter clock wise (if you are player 1) and end the 720 motion holding forward. after taking a slight step forward, press all three punch buttons and the ultra should come out. if it doesn’t come out or another move comes out, then the motion probably was not fast enough. keep practicing it.

to answer your second question, i believe hakan is still bottom tier. i have been using him since day one. from my experience, he isn’t viable enough in high level play. i live in nor cal and play with some of the best players in the world. people often ask me why i stick with such a bad character. they have been telling me i should pick up another character and a million different things why he is so bad. often times, i can’t give a reason to them. i don’t disagree with them at all. he has so many weaknesses compared to the rest of the cast. i have tried speaking with people from capcom about possibly making hakan stronger, only to be given the run around and very generic “it’s not impossible” answers. it’s pretty apparent to me that he probably isn’t going to be buffed. he has far to many flaws and not enough strengths. i have decided recently not to be a hakan exclusive player so i have chosen to pick up another character which i will be using on the side. there is not way i would drop hakan since i have invested my entire fighting career on him. if wining is the most important thing to you, then i would recommend picking up another character on the side. wining isn’t that important to me but i am tired of not placing as high as i think i should. picking hakan doesn’t mean it is impossible to win, it just means that you will have to put in an obscene and often an unfair amount of work against every character. have fun with hakan, don’t get flustered when you lose and keep practicing.

i check the srk forums often so please don’t hesitate to message me if you have any questions about anything.


I agree with everything you say. I believe that your final point, to have fun and not getting flustered is the main point when it comes to playing a character such as Hakan. He is by far the hardest character to master in the game.


Not All.

Anti Hit:
Invincibility on EX grab even though active not for very long time but it does active even when unoiled
Lk Super still active even when unoiled.

Anti Grab:
Yes, EX oil dive, this one active only when oiled. Mk super has that property unoiled too.

Anti Fireball:
Still active even when unoiled (impairs his travel distance on slide though)

High Mobility:
Yes, only when oiled. But this is part of the criticism I mentioned. When everyone is “ready” he is not always so and I believe this counts into your careful planning defensive and offensive wise. That’s where hakan is not invincible but he forced you to be good in a lot of the basics of SF.

Anti air:
yes, Dash Normal Cancels unavailable when he has no oil. but U2, normals, and anti hit super still counts.

For me, so far is so good with hakan. I don’t play competitively and never wanted to play competitively infact. I only miss one thing: A reliable, fast, and stable internet to play online T_T


Alright, you got me, lol.

Aw mang, sad to hear about the Internet. IMO that’s really important to have when playing Hakan since you need to be so on point with a lot of your planning. Hope you’ll get it fixed sometime soon, mate.