Problems with PSN?



i dunno if someone else has made a thread regarding this, but i just had to share my experience so far. (mods: feel free to delete this if its a repeated subject)

i got 1Mb upload & download internet connection @ home.

me and my friends play MW2, Borderlands, SSF4, ect ect… we play plenty of online.

but, as of lately we’ve been having problems connecting. I dunno if this has something to do with all the hacking Ps3 news going around or something… last night i tried to invite a friend to a private borderlands room, and we wasn’t getting any invites. he tried the same, and i got no invites whatsoever. i even got inside my router and tried to set up some QoS (quality of service) options for my ports. tried to force upload to 1mb… but still, same result.

does anyone know if there’s something wrong with the PSN? or is it just the game glitching?


Just the occasional disconnect from PSN, as well as several dropped games of Magic the Gathering.
Hard to determine if the game issues are from the netcode or the server, or both.

did you try sending a game invite for a different game


only prob I have is sign off error when Iam not doing anything


Currently, I am not dealing with these kind of situation. This could be an issue on your end. As for the hacks. It has nothing to do with the server but with the game (Getting free games or hacking games) and the console it self.


Oh… ok.

I’ll check my end (or try to switch ISP’s).

Thanks for the replies guys.


Given the limited information provided thus far, my first and primary suggestion for all PSN users is to simply dump the PS3 wireless connection. Connect it directly to your router or not at all. The PS3 does not handle WPA2 encrypted connections very well. The antenna for the wireless adapter is weak. The unit itself, has to be strictly set to the MTU your ISP is set to. IP and DNS settings are better off set rather than set to “automatic”. Overall - the wireless capabilites in the console are just pathetic for network gaming, IMO.

I have had many of the same issues that most PS3 owners generally complain about and they all solved themselves the moment I moved to a powerline network and dumped the PS3’s wireless module.


use wired connection or try resetting your router