Problems with sound?


I’m always having problems with 3s online with sound. My sound is always skipping and has errors. Apparently this is uncommon. Does any one have/had this problem and knows how to fix it? Thanks in advance.


well i dont have it but. only thing i can think of is to reinstall all ur sound drivers.


I fixed it. My CPU was overclocked in the bios so I guess mame went a little bit ahead causing the sound glitching. its gone now :smiley:


I have the same problem but online only, offline runs fine. However when online the sound is gay, the frame is fine. Dunno why…Blaq u mean the real bios? or some mame option?


oh I just meant like when u boot up your compy you can access the BIOS there. I changed my CPU’s MHz from 200 to 210. So when I played mame the sound got all fucked up. Hope that makes sense.


Yes thx I’ll try