Problems with SSF2T

First problem is when I try to get away I get trapped in block. This leads to me being forced to block. When I block I get thrown, when I attack I get stuffed, and when I jump I get anti aired. What am I to do?

First of all, mate: ST Wiki and ST beginner thread. The ST section at SRK forums is here. Welcome to the amazing competitive world of Super Street Fighter II X/Turbo.

No character can get you in blockstun for a long time*, so you can at least reverse when they stop and leave a gap. But main point is that, as you get better, you will notice good players will anticipate that you will be eager to attack at those gaps, and counter on prediction. Thus, you must learn when it is “your turn”, and give them some hope to hang themselves, doing some unsafe move or jumping in.

Getting thrown as you recover from blocking can be countered by reversal throws (shoulder toss, Spinning Pile Driver), reversal holds (knee bash, bite, noggie), reversal invulnerable specials (shoryuken, flash kick) and reversal instantly airborne specials (Blanka’s balls). Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Getting stuffed while attacking can be due to many reasons. It may be due to frame disadvantage, whiffing your move or being hit by a move that counters yours. You can often let them attack and hit right after, use an invulnerable attack or throw them before they attack. Some characters can use moves between their pokes so they are forced to block or they get hit during their offense, losing both heath and positioning.

Jumping is, generally, a bad option. You have a pre-set trajectory and no blocking until after you land.

All in all, it really depends on what characters you are playing and the ones are you playing against. The game has several aspects,as you get a grasp of them you will improve fast.

*US Bison/JP Vega can at the corner with very specific setups, but you can reverse the block string with most characters, or avoid getting there.

thank you this is all very helpfull

It’s useful to post the characters that you use. Some of them have better options in certain situations than others.

Secondly, as oldschool said, welcome to ST! This game will make you a man. One thing that you will realize soon is that the best way out of the situation you’ve described is not to get caught in it in the first place. It’s useful to know how to escape certain situations, but even so usually the escape options are tough in terms of execution not to mention that in many situations you also just have to guess. The next time you get caught in a situation like that, think back and try to figure out how you ended up there, and try to avoid making the same mistake again. It’s usually easier to avoid letting an opponent in on you than to get them off of you in this game.

if you can grow to learn and tolerate the bullshit in turbo…you my friend will do well in any other fighter

Are you playing on GGPO? Because if you are… the players there are good.

That’s a dirty lie. Bull shit has nothing to build on, it’s simply there stinking up the place.

As for the main post, avoid blocking typically most people just walk backwards, use an uppercut when they try to tap grab. This bull shit forces you to mash at times often guessing, that’s about it.

This thread is about Super Street Fighter II Turbo, not Super Street Fighter IV

What are you talking about? The only time you ever mash in ST is when being thrown by a multi-hitter (e.g. knee bash, Blanka bite, Honda Hump, Noogies, etc)

There is a reason why Super Turbo and Hyper Fighting are regarded as the best fighting games ever made by many tops and SF fans while people complain about SF4 all the time. If you don’t want to learn and would rather stick to easy crap, do it while staying quiet and let others play what they want. One of the only good aspects of these new confirm games is that some would want to learn the classics after playing them, so get out of here and go troll somewhere else.

Can’t be serious are you. What is easy crap, can you define that for me? This bull shit your mentioning, it’s like playing tic tac toe but flipping a coin every turn so a player can make a move. Technically both players have a chance of winning but by regular standereds is no way in hell considered fair. I played SF2 back then. The least you can do is stop spouting out shit and try to convince me of whatever the heck your trying to say. By all means bull shit moves are easy to abuse so technically your playing worse then someone who doesn’t know how to use bull shit moves. For gods sake its the 20th hundreds century, people get disappointed with all sorts of things but you shouldn’t compare a 2D relic with a new gen 2D game, you should be glad if anyone mentions it at most. As for something a troll would say, your only playing SF2 a game that old and simplistic because your not good enough.

The main post asked how to avoid grabs and that’s avoiding blocking all together or using an uppercut. Unlike your dumb ass just to flame me.


BTW: It’s the 21st century. Just sayin…

Forgot about that, the whole a century ahead to account for the first century being the time frame from 0 to 100. Just meant the 20th hundreds century wouldn’t prefer to call it the 21rst century when it’s not past the year 2100.

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well if it helps i play ken and chun li

Ken can RDP out.

Chun has a long ass reach on her throws. If you’re Chun, you should be the one throwing.

Want to avoid the blocking until you’re dead stuff…check these vids out:

ALLS im saying, and im not sure why you quoted my post in scrub quotes thread(J scogz). the whole world doesnt need to know im scrubby, but on the real

if i recall. OP there is a tactic called “sacrifice” in oldschool sf, where you take the hit so that you’ll have the higher priority when throwing.

Also, this game compared to the newer fighters, teaches you how to be careful and not take things for granted. nowadays kids are spoiled with their parries, focus attacks, and ultras…ST is for men, plenty of BS like random dizzy scales random throw priorities…but deep down ST teaches you to rely on fundamentals and to choose wisely, because newer fighters are way more lenient when it comes to making bad decisions…

ps: fuck 1 frame reversals…fuck AEs 100000000 frame reversals too. bring back something in between cvs2 and 3s timing

I mentioned that you made a “joking” post. :wink:
We cool, yo.
It was more about the idiocy found elsewhere.

In a match I played today I tried that sacrifice tactic so that I could go ahead with the throw. It’s very effective and gets me out of the corner. Thank you.