Problems with the E. Honda Matchup =(



So I obviously main Dhalsim and I USED to think Honda’s were for the most part free. My friend mains Honda and has found 2 things that just ruin my game vs Honda.

The first being that Honda’s jump in normals beat Sim’s standing Roundhouse (I used to use this to keep Honda extra far away and make him need 2 jump ins just to get to me. Now I can only anti-air him in back+roundhouse range and have to let him in closer to where one whiffed AA can mean half my life with how much damage Honda does).

The second being that Honda can full screen headbutt on reaction to a fireball (and it’s super slow recovery) and it will trade in Honda’s favor (the headbutt’s invincibility goes through the fireball and the fireball hits him when he bounces off me after the headbutt).

These 2 things have absolutely ruined my game against Honda when people know about these tactics. Can anyone give me some tips I might be missing in the Honda matchup? Thanks.


for the first issue
as i do with zangief
if you time it right u can anti air him easily, u just need to do the roundhouse before he start his normal
i mean when u see him started the jump u should immediately anti air st.rh or
or if you cant time it right , just back dash and st.hp when he’s on recovery from his normal as he reach the ground,

as for the second, its clearly that you are being predicted . u just need to mix up your game , being predicted is not a good thing for dhalsim. he cant headbutt on reaction on full screen , he will eat the fireball , as i told you , you are just being predicted
don’t fireball , let him do headbutt and punish it, as its not safe (except EX and lp headbutt)


Unfortunately, we do not (yet) have a Sim vs. Honda thread consolidated, but we’ve recently posted some tips to stop Honda and some of his shenanigans. Here are 2 semi-recent portions of the Matchup thread that you may find useful for this matchup in general (in addition to Dhalsim22’s advice above):

Hope that helps. If you have any more specific inquiries about the matchup, don’t be afraid to ask. Once you learn Honda’s jump spacing and which aa to use at what time (,,, or ex up flame), and avoid predictable fireball patterns, you should do just fine. =)


From the matchup thread.


If Honda feels like throwing random headbutts to punish Yoga Fires, let him: use feints like st. jab and d/b fierce / strong to bait him and punish him hard. We’ll see if he keeps doing it.

Just keep in mind U2 can only punish strong / fierce HB. Jab / EX Headbutt are pretty much safe depending on spacing.

The only reliable way to punish EX Headbutt on block is with standing short (again, spacing dependent).


Yes i should have included Scamp’s addendum in later posts.


I get tons of practice from a really good, patient Honda and here’s what I think of the matchup

  • I had trouble AA’ing with standing roundhouse for a while but eventually I started pushing it earlier and since then I’ve had no problem with AA. But know when to use also.
  • I found that yoga tower becomes an amazing tool to bait out headbutts. All headbutts go straight through tower and typically sends Honda to the opposite side of the map, giving you more space to work with + a fierce punish.