Problems with Toshiba Canvio Plus 1 TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive?

So I just recently bought a Toshiba external HDD just last month and it worked like a charm. I noticed how the USB dongle isn’t like the “standard” ones but I didn’t mind at the time since I make sure all my electronic cords are accounted for anyway.

But just today when I try to connect it, the light on the HDD won’t turn on and my computer won’t detect it. I even tried connecting it to the other computer in my house and even my PS3 and it won’t turn on.

Is it a problem with the cord or the drive itself? If anybody whose had experience with the same drive I had give me an idea with what should I do, that would be great. I’m kind of bummed right now, I saved almost everything on the drive and now I can’t access it. :frowning:

  1. are you sure you have a USB cable and not a ESATA cable?

  2. Do you need Aux power, such as a AC/DC adapter or 2nd USB cord end?

  3. Is the drive turned on?

  4. Is this your Drive?

  5. Try contacting Toshiba

Yes that’s my drive. I suppose I’ll go to my local Best Buy and have them check it out first.