Probs doing unblockables

I tried and tried so much but it would just never work… If a throw a lp AR after a throw and then mp headbutt -) front+ mk(hk?can’t remember), that should setup an unblockable right? I don’t know if it’s my timing of whatever but the opponent just rises and blocks. What can I be doing wrong?

It’s technically not an unblockable, but it’s tricky to block. As they’re blocking one way to block the reflector, you hit them from the other side and technically they could block/parry your hit and keep blocking the other way, but it’s not really easy or anything. Make sure the forward + mk hits as the Aegis is hitting.

Do it in two player mode, 3S training just automatically blocks all unblockable setups.

Not to mention, people like Yun, get up way too fast for this. so it will only work on some characters… if they don’t tech. If they tech, this doesn’t work on anyone.

is there a tech friendly version, like headbutt or throw, SP reflector, partition dash, SP headbutt, f+MK to break guard? Or is it going to be too late?

The timing on this isnt very strict, but it isnt super leniant either. You have to do the headbutt right after (read:RIGHT after) the super freeze ends, and the quarrel kick as soon as you hit the ground on the other side.

I buffer the first qcf of Aegis into Uriens throw-recovery frames (the time between him getting up from the powerbomb and standing in his normal standing frame again). This ensures that you get the reflector out with the max amount of time to spare (not that you should waste time , mind you :karate: ).

It just takes practice, youll get a feel for what correctly pulling this off feels like eventually, you see Urien land on the other side, push through the reflector and the opponant, youll see their guard break after 1-2 blocked hits, and youll have plenty of time for a cr.HP.

This technique works well against people who arent very familiar with the game (works WONDERS actually , lol), but most everyone else will quick recover. Better to save your meter and try to learn some of the more complicated ones. Juggle with a tackle in the corner (or a few tackles) and cancel into jab Aegis, charge back and wait for them to bounce back, RH tackle (charge down), RH knee drop is more reliable Ive found(although I cant seem to get it to work on Dudley, check the unblockable thread there are probably 2 others this doesnt work on), good setup for more tackles as well after youve initiated the unblockable and launched. Try that one, and check out the unblockable thread a few sections up theres plenty to learn there too.

The one you mentioned is a good way to learn how unblockables work (basically).

what’s SP reflector? The PPP reflector?

There are a couple of semi-decent things you can do if you KNOW they’re going to tech.

after you throw, do HP Aegis, then dash. The moment you stop dashing, neutral throw them. while you’re choking them, the aegis moves towards them. They bounce off of it, then you can headbutt/tackle. Again, this is assuming they tech after the intial throw. Not the best, but better than nothing.

However, after they tech, they can backdash to escape your neutral throw attempt. If you think they’re going for the backdash, then instead of neutral throwing, go for cr. HK. This catches them, even if they backdash, and makes them bounce off of the Aegis towards you. You can now cr.HP, headbutt, etc…

These setups aren’t GUARANTEED, but it adds to your mid-screen Aegis mixup game. So now instead of your opponent thinking he’s 100% safe after teching, he’ll be greeted with a big F.U.

SP = Strong Punch = Medium Punch = :mp:

Uh… you could do

c.hp, s.hp, mp reflector (charging down), hk knee, then f+mk to break the guard

Not sure why, maybe they’d not safe fall due to not expecting to be grounded so soon. :wtf:

No I mean knockdown, MP reflector, dash, LP or SP Headbutt, f+MK. I’ve been trying to do it but I don’t think i can get quite enough charge at the moment.

Also, don’t forget to block the ensuing DP/Super sometimes… Throwing a reflector behind someone really gives your intentions away. :slight_smile:

I find one of the safest things to do aafter powerbomb > tech roll, is light punch FB into HP reflectory. The FB (which is usually blocked for me) holds them in place, and allows you to do another move while the reflector gets into position.

Then a f+HP overhead can smack them while they’re crouching (which knocks them back into relfector, real good if reflector is in corner, otherwise, meh… it’s damage)

Or, once they are wary of f+hp, do sweep instead. They will bounce back towards you, so you can keep comboing (HP FB or s.MP or d.HP or whatever)

…and once they are wary of these, and are worried about block correctly, you can do dumb shit like dash up and throw.

If they parry the FB, I would imagine that you are still safe as long as you don’t do anything afterwards… and that’s assuming they bust out a DP/invincible super. I’ve been able to block anyhow.

Also, if you’re really buff, you can recognize if they DON’T tech roll after the powerbomb, and cancel the LP FB into LP reflector instead for the unblockable.