Producers Of Tekken Suing Each Other After Film Bombs

Comedy at this point.

[COLOR=#000000][SIZE=12px][COLOR=#111111]*[SIZE=12px]They were tricked into investing…***



Why are they salty? They didn’t read the script before paying $10M :rofl:

how much did that piece of shit SF movie with lana lang make? if it made anything over $967,369 i’m going to be pissed and i haven’t seen either movie.

according to wikipedia it made 12 times that amount

which is sadly only slightly better than uwe boll’s work

Ya but Chun Li was released in mainstream theatres.
Tekken was not.

Their own fault. The Tekken movie was only in a few Theaters, and for like a day or two. What the hell were they expecting?

Are we talking about the one with the fucked-up ethnicities (white chick as Christie, chinese guy as Jin), or the one that actually looked like the game’s cgi?

That live action movie was worth every penny I paid when I bought the used dvd. Fucking entertaining movie.

Im guessing the CGI one.

Don’t forget Tekken took awkward dance scene to a whole new level



Pffft, nothing can top the crap dance scene from Kickboxer.

And don’t believe the “he was actually drunk for that scene” rebuttals. That nigga dances the exact same way when sober.

…THE VAN DAMME SHUFFLE IS A CLASSIC!! thus is cannot be mocked!

we talkin live action or cgi movie.

Live action foo.

you failed for posting a edited video.


Lol so do you,enbedding disabled:P

now yer learnin’!!!

I saw the Spoony review. Honestly while the film looks shitty, I’m pretty sure there’s worse. Like, say, AI. Or Char’s Counterattack. Or Ghosts of Mars.

Is the movie so bad it is good and comedy?

I wonder.

Here’s the real comedy: Harada hates it. The guy behind the Tekken games and the Tekken games’ crappy stories hates the crappy live action Tekken movie.

This is like Other M fanboys hating on Original Link. And by Original Link I mean the sexy beast in my avatar.

Fuck Other M. And fuck MovieBob too. What a douchenugget.


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