Product placement/sponsors in SFV


Just a silly little thought that popped up in the back of my mind during a lysergic and adderall fueled musing. Which corporate entities would you like to see mark their territory in SFV?

Here are mine:
[] Pringles
] HagenDaaz Ice Cream
[] Morton Salt
] Combos Baked Snacks
[] Lawson
] Cinco
[*] Schlaaang Inc


Keep that shit away from Street Fighter


KFC, Ramen and body care products.


Actually, on a second thought - they COULD do product placement in Street Fighter V, but only, and I say ONLY, if they do it in a way of advertising something from within the Street Fighter universe

Like the teaser board for “Fei Long’s new movie!” on the Hong-kong stage

If capcom goes that way of doing product placements in the game - Fine, let them do that, could be a nice way of showing some fanservice and get a good laugh from some billboards and stuff



In-game/movie/show/etc advertising is the easiest way to cheapen your product and come across as greedy scum utterly bankrupt of substance.

We already pay for the game, there is no need to shovel advertising down our throats after this fact. This only stands to open a pandora’s box of pure shit and vomit.


Loved Hick’s Leno rant.


Honestly wouldn’t mind it IF it’s used to promote FGC/eSports related products. For example, adds for MadCatz, Hori, or what have you. Better yet, ads for actual tournaments and majors in game, like having ads for Evo running during Evo season in July.


Or having something like a news section in the main menu where you could read about current and coming FGC tournaments with all the schedules and stuff

THAT would be amazing, especially since Street Fighter is a flagship series in the whole community


While I think in-universe advertising really enriches the stages which are traditionally never used because training stage exists and really adds to the game universe in terms of depth and background story,

I’m in favour of deodorant adds, like you go to a tourney you better pack some old spice!


Hygiene products would be great tournament sponsors, and hopefully could provide free samples at tournaments, have a booth right next to the game tables, etc… no excuse for body odor.

But in game ads would be fucktarded. The idea has been considered so many times, and you pretty much never see it because of reasons stated above. Also eventually you might find a corporate tie-in that wants to really manipulate the game play, and the money is too good to refuse, even if you end up with Cool Spot as a playable character with infinites and unavoidable projectiles.



Pepsi advertising everywhere.

Pepsi stage.

With Pepsi Man as a secret boss and guest character.


It’s sad that people feel this is necessary. Like is hygiene really that much of an issue at tournaments? I’ve yet to go to one.