Profound Punishment!



Obvious thread! Post up!

[ Legend ]

BU - Bushin Chain (things that are LP punishable and where entire Bushin Chain will connect)
TC - Target Combo (thinks that are MP punishable and where both hits of Target Combo will connect)

RSL - Run-Slide: QCF+K~MK (list timing specifications if required)
HOZ - Hozanto: QCB+P (list strength: EX HOZ, HP HOZ etc)
BSK - Bushin Senpuukyaku: QCB+K (list strength: EX BSK, LK BSK)

BID - Bushin Izuna Drop: P (near enemy during command jump: QCF+P)
KIO - Kaiten Izuna Otoshi- QCF+P (in air)

SUP - Super: QCF,QCF+P
U1 - Ultra 1: QCF,QCF+KKK
U2 - Ultra 2: HCB,HCB+PPP

[ Enemy List ]

… let’s start filling this up!

  • ABEL -
  • ADON -
  • AKUMA -
  • BALROG -
  • BISON -
  • BLANKA -
  • CAMMY -
  • CHUN-LI -
  • CODY -
  • DAN -
  • DEE JAY -
  • DUDLEY -
  • FEI LONG -
  • GEN -
  • GOUKEN -
  • GUILE -
  • GUY -
  • HAKAN -
  • HONDA -
  • IBUKI -
  • JURI -
  • KEN -
  • MAKOTO -
  • ROSE -
  • RUFUS -
  • RYU -
  • SAGAT -
  • SAKURA -
  • SETH -
  • T.HAWK -
  • VEGA -
  • VIPER -


not 100% sure about all versions, but i know at LEAST juri’s Hk pinwheel is punishable with TC. dnt think the light version is tho, but possibly mp version. cant really do much against ex version

Dudley’s MGB (hp and ex versions at least) punishable with reversal BSK, Mk or Ex, not sure about Hk
Guy’s RSL gets punished by anything that combo’s low
Just random shit i’ve discovered in matches


I’ll do some testing tonight against a few characters so we can get this rolling!


Juri’s EX Pinwheel is U1 punishable on block.


Balrog on the priority list lol, though I kno runxx oh is safe on block never do the slide. I cant realy find anything truly punishing of course thats what makes rog “ez mode” you could say. (actually Ono admitted it)


Against DP FADC, it’s looks like you can punish the foward fadc with U2 and the backward with Ex Hozanto, shutting down one of the most annoying gimmicks in the game.
Gotta admit the Ryu player I fought today was kinda noob, but he swore he couldn’t jump/block Guy’s move. This is BIG, someone please test it properly.


I posted this in the Match Up thread.


Punishable by u2:

Fadc after dp’s
kens hk
Honda buttslam
jaguar tooth and revolver, space dependant
pinwheel and dive kick
able cod
most fa lv 1 dash in hit or block
any tatsu on block
chun sbk non ex
sim back lk
gief hand hit or block except ex hit.
Sagat ex and normal knee
vega df rh
balrog tap
viper flame kick and tk mp
cammy spiral
more ideas, that’s all i remember testing.


So Guy is indeed immune to DP FADC as I though? Guys, can you feel the power? =D This is free pressure on Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Sagat and Guile already, probably much more. Now I’m definitely picking U2.

More punishes: Chun’s Hazan Shu, Juri’s Dive Kick, Shotos Tatsumaki, Hawks new move on hit and block.

…it CAN’T punish Rufus Tornados blockstrings, not enough reach. =(


I haven’t really tested this on every character but you can punish srk’s with ninja sickle(down+forward+RH) EX HOZ for 220Dmg and if your close enough to the wall you can fadc the EX HOZ into U1 for 544Dmg or reset.


When you guys are testing for U2 punishes make sure you try (ex)SRK(if applicable), backdash, and jump…


That list you posted definitely has some mistakes on it… Vipers MP TK as far as I know is -1, and her burn kicks are all safe… and Dhalsim’s Back + LK is -1… Vega’s D/F+HK is also -1. I don’t think jaguar tooth is punishable either on block… Sagat Knees when they hit on the way down are not u2 punishable, nor is his ex knee either (Unless it whiffs completely and lands right in front of you, it’s -1 too…I think)Properly test before posting please!


Well vipers burn kicks arent sage on block ne more r u sure ur properly testing? or r you just basing this off frame data (not trying to bust ur bubble just want clarity)


-1 on block is enough to be punished by U2 (1 frame startup), however Guy’s ultra is short ranged, so things like a blocked Galactica Tornado cannot be punished. You can’t just read a frame data and post every move that is -1 or more and say it can be punished, yes, but things like a deep MP TK by Viper or 2 hits TK by Sagat should (I’m yet to test) be punishable alright.


Guys Ultra isn’t 1 frame startup… If it was, it couldn’t be jumped out of on reaction (Like how Giefs, Hawks, and Hakans can’t…). I’m pretty sure it’s a 4 frame startup (or more?)

Do you know how broken Guy would be if he could ultra you like Gief? Lol.

Edit: Viper’s burn kicks are safe… They used to be +4,6,8 I believe. They nerfed the frame advantage on them, and made them neutral I believe… or much less frame advantage. They’re definitely safe. Just get two people together… have viper do a burn kick in the air (or ground for that matter) and then hold up or mash back dash and guy will not be able to ultra you.


you can force an adon player to lose a lot of options by picking U2… if you block any jaguar teeth, fire off U2 and all they can do is jump away and that’s only if they don’t try to get greedy and throw out jabs as they are accustomed to doing after a jaguar tooth is blocked… the best part is if they do jump away you’ll be perfectly safe cause the bushin grab ultra recovers pretty fast… for a whiffed ultra that is


If they are doing nothing after Jaguar Tooth (holding back or whatever), and they see Guy U2 startup, they can counter ultra, or ex Rising jaguar on reaction and it will beat Guy’s U2. Same goes in any situation with U2. The way you work U2 in is by throwing it when you anticipate the jab in close (Or other meaty). It certainly can work in the situation you mentioned if they throw the jab (Or some other poke), but if you throw it and they aren’t hitting a button… You’re going to get punished if your opponent knows how Guy’s U2 works. If they don’t, they’ll probably jump away and you’ll be safe :} I don’t think that will last long once people realize how it functions.


Guy’s ultra 2 is 1 frame. It’s just that you can go into prejump frames if you weren’t doing anything and you’d be unthrowable. I don’t think U2 is terribly useless compared to Balrog’s which also has a 1 frame U2. Balrog players need to rely on frame traps to land the ultra since using it for punishment is practically useless if the other guy can turtle up for 5 seconds. I’m not sure about Guy’s frame traps but I feel he can apply more pressure than Balrog ever could with his mix ups. Plus, raw damage is always nice in terms of it as a punishing move.


If this is true, I stand corrected. Looks like I have a lot to test tonight.



Sweep: EX HOZ
DP: HK > Bushin Chain > Follow up
DP FADC Dash Back : EX Hozanto
DP FADC Foward: U2
Tatsu: U2
Poorly Spaced fireballs in block strings: Tatsu
U1: EX.HO (Have to be close, can’t be any further than a character space away otherwise he recovers to fas tand EX.HO does not reach. This isn’t usually the issue with punishing U1 from Ryu anywhere. If wiff do whatever you want)
U2*: S.HK > BU, BU, Target U2


DP: S.HK > BU, Target
DP FADC Dash Back : EX Hozanto
DP FADC Foward: U2
Lk.Tatsu: U2, BU, Target
Mk.Tatsu: U2, BU (BU was way tighter timing off mk.Tatsu than LK. s.jab has to be reversal timing)
HK.Tatsu: U2, BU
Poorly Spaced fireballs in block strings: Tatsu
U1*: S.HK > BU, BU, Target, U2
U2*: S.HK > BU, BU, Target, U2 (On block duck any of the other hits and punish accordingly)


mp.Headbutt : EX.HO
fp.Headbutt: EX HO Reversal.RSL
HHS > FADC Dash foward: Reversal U2
Buttslam: Reversal U2 (Watch your spacing sometimes U2 can whiff)
U1: Reveral.U1 ( I found this utlra to be kinda iwerd to punish. He recovered seemingly fast and i couldnt’ get target to work and if I did it to early it just got one hit and air reset)
U2: If you dodge the grab do whatever you want it’s a grab ultra

lp.Hayte: BU, Target
mp.Hayte: BU, Target
hp.Hayte: BU
DP: HK > BU, BU, Target,
U1: U1, HK> BU, BU, Target
U2: U1, BU, Target


c.MK: c.LK Option Select MK Hurricane (Really good footsies against Dudley and if punish is mispaced you wiff only a lk)
Jet Upper: BU, Target (tight timing)
All Short Swing Blows: U2 (Can be spaced to avoid U2), Reversal.SUP , almos always works depsite spacing
mk/hk/EX versions of Short swing blow: Reversal BU
lk.Short Swing Blow: U2 ( Can be spaced out), Reversal SUP (Reliable even when spaced)
mk/hk/ex.Short Swing Blow: U2, Reversal SUP, Reversal.BU
lk.Machine Gun Blow: U2, Reversal.SUP
mk.Machine Gun Blow: U2, Reversal.SUP, Reversal.BU (Really Tight)
hk/EX.Machine Gun Blow: U2, Reversal.SUP, BU (No need for Reversal Timing. Really easy)
SUP: U2, U1, HK > BU, BU, Target, Super
U1/U2: U1, Super, BU (anything really)