Program that shows joystick input on screen

Hello everyone, I’ve just seen a video on youtube that an OSD (on screen display) showed the joystick input in real time. What program can do this kind of thing? Here, at 30 seconds:


Above the screen at 0:30 there was an image of a joystick and its inputs were being shown in real time. Whenever the player made a command, the program showed the movements the stick did and highlighted the buttons that were pressed.

Does someone know what program is this? Or an equivalent program that does the same thing?


afaik, that video has been carefully edited and have yet to see that “program”. go ask eventhubs how they did it. also, you can go into SSF4AE v.2012 training mode and you can turn on the input display. voila!

peace out.


You’ll need mame-rr or fba-rr, a copy of the rom, and the appropriate lua script to enable input display.

There’s a link on that page to the script for a scrolling input display.

MAME HK2V9 shows inputs on screen in a way that’s similar to SF4 (actually, the other way around). XSPR’s (mrdhalsim here at SRK) Execution Aid does it more like what you see on that video, which was probably an animation and not a real input detector.

Thank you very much, ilitirit. FBA-RR did the trick:

After some hacking I realized that lua scripts would only work with SoftFX blitter. I was able to input some cheats too, so I can train now. The only draw back is the sound, it’s a little messed up. Did you face this problem too? Do you have any clue about how to fix it? (maybe adding support to another audio plugin?)

Hey man, thanks! I tested Mame HK2V9, but unfortunately it doesn’t support CPS3 games (which I intend to play too). Besides that, it’s a great program, thanks for your suggestion.

ps: tata8p, I know that SSF4 shows joystick input in training mode… I obviously wouldn’t have opened this topic if I only wanted to play SF4 serie, right? :wink: