Programmable combo fight sticks

There is a programmable combo fight sticks in the market now by you can now program all the moves in just a button click.
Please tell me what you think?

I find it hilarious how the modification costs more than each of the sticks themselves. Shit like this is stupid. It’s useless offline where it counts and lag online will fuck the inputs up.

Waste of time.

Perfect for making combo videos though.

if you want to make a combo video you may as well get a programmabable keyboard for a fourth of the price.

It’s a lot cheaper to go into 2 player and set your game to CPU Vs. CPU, because if you’re not going to really play anyway, why spend $185?

Oh great.
Now little rich douchebag kids are gonna buy one and ruin fighters much like autofire controllers ruined fps’s on the 360.

And before i upset the PC gamers,
I am aware that “real” FPS’s are played on PC…

OP, quick hide the website name so nobody gets any ideas :bluu:

Apparently Magnetro and Maj are scrubs and “douchebag kids” for making combo videos using programmable controllers?

lag would seriously mess up the inputs online anyways.

those combo vids are really nice, too bad that stick is so expensive.


They make it clear in their vids that they are tool-assisted. They’re often to demonstrate what’s possible with the engine of the game.

I don’t give a shit.

No matter how programmable your stick is, no stick will do setups for you, or get your timing down right on Parry. it will not let you play any better.

If you watch their combo videos made with this stick all they do is simple special moves or simple supers / ultras. It makes me

a) wonder how much these makers even know about the game
b) if more complex combos is even possible.

looks like a bot thread to me.

But thats the point of all combo videos. The only people hung up on programmable pads/sticks with use of those are either people trying to pretend that they did some mad shit by hand when it was actually by the program pad/stick (to stroke their own ego), or someone trying to downplay the video to look cool since it wasn’t done by hand (regardless if the combo was actually possible to do by hand or not, aka stroking their own ego).

When you take the ego out of combo/tutorial videos, it all comes down to education and thats what they’re supposed to be about anyway.

If they can sell it for $185 I’ll be surprised.

For $185US (about $220 Australian dollars) I made my own stick comprising of

2 Mayflash sticks
An arudino mega acting as the central controller.

with no experience of programming or wiring (some help from friends in early drafts).
I added an LCD screen later for about $20.
Realistically if you wanted to mod your own stick, you can buy arduinos for $29US. That, some wire and a borrowed solder iron would be all it would take.

I’ve posted about it on the tech forum already, and am always happy to help anyone who wants to make their own (as I was helped when I made mine). No one’s replied though.

The functions of my stick are

  • Two buttons each side are used to enable whatever features you want. Combinations (R2+up, R2+L2) allow for more features.
  • Can program combos to the frame
  • Can test moves and increase the delay between them one frame at a time (normal set up is to either increase or decrease delays by 1 or 5 frames).
  • Can record all inputs
  • Reverse sides
  • Can setup for timing/throw break training (where LEDs or LCD screen shows if your timing is fast or slow or right).

The one worry I have is when it says you can program delays of .1 - 4 seconds, I hope you can do .01666 seconds (1/60th of a second) otherwise this would be very detrimental to combo timing (as moves would be out inconsistently).

Anyway, we thought about selling our version, but at the end of the day my friend is busy with work, and I was busy with work, and I didn’t enjoy the prospect of following up faults and defects and complaints. If these guys can make a go of it, so be it. The fact that it’s $185 and the information is freely available to build your own here suggests that they might not go so well.

If I had that money I would have bought the Hrap3 Seimitsu SE already lol.

actually it said .001 seconds. So it would have lots of wasted space within combos, but shouldn’t pose a problem for that .016666666 second that 1/60th of a frame needs.

Thank you for all the feedback. But I’m going to get one anyway.

Your going to get one to make combo videos/experiment with things or your going to get one because you don’t know how to play?

Sorry, was thinking 0.01 and wrote 0.1. If you can only increase in 0.01 second steps combos will likely be inconsistent if you’re requiring 1 input per frame.

Ahahahahh. I doubt he’ll be using it for combo videos and will try to make his little double DQF’s with Sagat just a bit easier for his douche ass.

Wow, scrubs got money to BURNNN.

That or the OP is actually the site owner trying to boost sales by being some ‘random’ person who found the site.