Programmable combo fight sticks

Pulling moves isn’t hard, but getting a programmable controller to play online is frowned upon. I’d like to see the person having a controller like that in the tourney and see how the outcome will be. :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyways a programmable controller is great for making combo videos, especially the MVC2 combos performed by this one dude I totally forgot.

Sounds more like you’re just advertising anyways.

No, I don’t own it, although I wish. I actually talked to that guy and he gave me a $70 off coupon code.

I totally understand about the PRIDE. I used to hang around at the arcade shop since Street Fighter I.

Perhaps you don’t understand my point.

For example, there is stuff in CPS1 versions of SF2 that are near impossible to do without tool assist, due to the way button inputs are handled during projectile slow downs. The old classic tool assist vids of SF2 combos demonstrated what you could do if you didn’t have that to work around, plus added CPS1 chains and other shit to the mix.

Well you must have lost is somewhere along the way. I mean honestly, how is any game fun when you have to program a controller just to win? I would understand if maybe you lost all of your fingers and had one nub on each hand, then maybe I would cut you some slack and only maybe.

Damn 09ers!

Hey, someone had to say it and I’m surprised no one else had. :rofl:

Obviously it’s your money but wow that is pricey. $185 plus the cost of the actual stick. Oh well, it’s not my money so what do I care. :looney:

I used to have one of these when i was like 10 for the Sega Genesis, I would use it for fatalities on Mortal Kombat, lol.

If you get beat by one of these you deserve to lose.

How would he sound if he was legitimately interested and posting on SRK looking for opinions? I’d assume pretty much the same.

but this won’t be used on SF2WW. We’re not even sure what the limitations of these sticks are. I know for say on the ascii pads you can’t program to opposing directions at the same time (like left and right so you can charge while doing a sonic boom etc…). It could be the same with this stick. Though thinking about it that would be funny. What if you can and you try to dash cancel out of a FA but dashing in both directions at the same time.

That said I agree with you, I merely added that the majority of people who will have a problem with tool assisted combo videos are hung up with their own egos.