Programmable PS3 Pad


You guys have any recommendations for programmable game pads? I really want to program the PP and KK buttons for MvC2. It’d be much more convenient than breaking out the joystick all the time.




lol that helps…

Like I said before I just would like the PP at least so that I can air dash with a pad. I can just fine with my joystick, but it’d be much more convenient to pull out a pad. It’s not like I’d be programming anything but PP or KK, if capcom put back the PP and KK button in, instead of having two useless buttons that’d be great.

Anyone have the thrustmaster controllers?


save money.

learn to hit 2 buttons at once.

get better.




Thanks guys… I appreciate the time and thought you put into your post.


It seems that all the reviews for those thrustmaster controller say that its too small. I’ll have to keep looking and update the thread if I find something else. And when I do find a controller to buy.


Orrr, you can learn how to play the game.


Yeah that too lol. If you guys play MvC2 add me on PSN. PSN: SpekkioXLV


I dunno how to hard is it to learn how to play , take your time if you like playing this game and learn your combos and get better at it but it will take a while but just learn , and there is not program on it so yeah


sacrifice one of your assists for PP like fanatiq does. he placed top 8 in the last 2 years while playing on ps2 pad

so yea. learn to play


You know there is no option to sacrifice assists for PP button right? on the PS3. They just totally removed the PP button completely. If they had an option to do that I would have done it by now.

Anyways you guys keep making assumptions that I can’t play at all without the controller or something. I can play just fine with the controller without air dashing around. But it would be convenient to have the PP macro back like the original dreamcast, or PS2.

I’ve been playing MvC2 since it came out in arcades in 2000. The original dreamcast version had PP macro, the PS2 version had PP macro, and the PS3 version does not. While its not that big a deal, to not have the PP macro because I spend the majority of my time playing low tier friendly matches. It would be nice to be able to use the high tier characters properly without busting out my joystick.

According to this video [media=youtube]Sqtu_bNkJyk[/media] it is possible to do the infinite with a controller, but he has to hold his hands in a special position to do it. And if you watch the whole thing he says “this shit hurts” While its “possible” it doesn’t seem to practical.


The point of the whole thing was that I respectfully asked for advice for any recommendations for gamepads. So far all the replies I’ve received are “LEARN 2 PLAY”. What could have been more helpful is, there really aren’t any good controllers for this… or I heard about these controllers that are programmable. Whats to worry about anyway, if I can’t play and I get a controller with PP macros then I still suck… its not like i’d be “cheating” with a PP macro.

What reason would there be to respond if it weren’t for your own ego’s to say “Learn 2 Play”. Otherwise, I might have gotten some kind of useful response. The only slightly helpful reply I’ve gotten was from BluexThunder… so thanks for that. Anyways… I’ve decided to buy one of the thrustmaster controllers to see how it works.


my post was clearly helpful.

learn to hit 2 buttons at once, the ammount of wasted time and money it would take to get a reprogrammed ps3 are simply not worth it.

do you get me? keep at it.


I wouldn’t waste any money on a programmable pad. You said that you’ve be playing MvC 2 since it dropped in the arcades. There isn’t any macros in the arcades. Practice(it isn’t that difficult to hit 2 buttons) or just buy a joystick.