Programmer's Thread: I Hate Segmentation Faults


I’m a 3rd year in college majoring in Comp. Science aiming to get into the web development field. Any beginner or expert programmers here? software developers or any hobbyists?


SIGSEGV is a friend that only shows up when you’ve done something bad.


you do have a point. But like everyone else, I prefer to see it once in a blue moon.


I’m a programmer (well, my official title is “software engineer”). Hardly ever see segfaults in web development, though. They’re much more common in more low-level stuff like device driver development.


im a programmer. Still in college for CS, but ive had some jobs and internships with the field. Ive actually written software for social security and nonprofit organizations. I enjoy c++ and java the most, but I have the most experience with visual basic because around here everyone uses it.

I hope to one day make my own 2d fighter :slight_smile:

As far as web development goes, im good as long as I dont have to design the websites layout. Not that I find that hard,but dealing with html and the front end stuff is just annoying for me. I find sloppy programming logic to be much easier to understand than trying to figure out why a god damn table wont goto the right of something even when i align it lol.


I did computer science for a couple years and dropped it. I didn’t want to be sitting in front of a computer all day at work. Now that I have a job that I enjoy as a technician, I am thinking about picking classes back up, because I did enjoy it…plus it is such a useful skill to have…After those two classes, I have been screwing around with a bunch of code, and being able to read it. One of those tools for the future you’ll be very happy to have under your belt.

Right now I am learning the picaxe microcontroller and basic to program a circuit that will allow my PS3 to take coins like an arcade.


Kind of like the Krampus?

I just wish Borland Builder 6 wasn’t such a piece of garbage whose linker crashes for no apparent reason when you ask it to output detailed debugging symbols. Seg faults aren’t that terrible if you can get a decent stack trace out of the thing.


I would love to learn how to program. I was learning visual basic before I quit college in 2004.

Now I’m wanting a couple programs no one else seems to care to program, so I’m wishing I had that knowledge now, c++ at least.



Same here. Web development is great but also have to stay on top of it. Or i am just slow because everytime i turn around around, there are more cool stuff coming out, new ideas, environment changes…pretty niffty


hmm, interesting. I remember learn HTML 4.01 for the first time. Then I look around and realize there’s an HTML 5 out already. :looney:

but yea, that field looks pretty interesting, and it looks like there’s so much to learn about and stay on top of. I’m still trying to figure out if I’m going to stay with the client-side stuff, or just go straight into scripting.

I first learned about segfaults when I first started to learn C last semester. I just hate the ones that pop up and I don’t know what’s causing them. But, GDB I heard is a life-saver so I have to learn to use that too.


Code in RPGIV v6 now. Started down this path (nobody teaches how to use RPG anymore) when I dabbled in Fortran way back in high school. Thinking about making the plunge and just going to assembler as it’ll help me get back into the DoD sector if/when I decide to leave healthcare. Shit, C++ looks pretty and streamlined compared to 90% of the old ass stuff I look at daily.


Oh god web development is such a clusterfuck of a mess.

What the hell do you target? IE7? 8? 9? Multi-browser? IE7 and IE8 are the bane of my goddamned existence.

Not to mention Javascript is a huge tangle of problems. jQuery, MooTools, et al are incredible but, makes me wonder what life would be like if this shit was handled correctly from day one.


What’s really nice is when somebody in school tells you that Pearl is used in the real world.


GDB is an awesome debugger, and being well-versed in it is a good thing indeed.


I’ll have a B.S. in Web and Database Admin in the fall (hopefully). my stuff is center around programming languages of the web basically. HTML, CSS (not really a ‘language’), Flash/Actionscipt, Javascript, SQL, And i’ll be getting the basics of PHP, Pearl, and something else I believe.



im just getting started and actually working on some php homework right now. im 3 years in with no internships or nothing. it’s a little difficult to find stuff like that in north charleston


I’m a programmer who ended up in the simulation industry with aspiring dreams of working at a dream studio on a great game like Capcom :smiley:


You’d be surprised how prevalent Perl is being used. Even Microsoft uses it and has a team of Perl developers.


I’m talking about PEARL not Perl which, as you said, is very widely used and I even dabbled in a bit when I worked in the government sector (well DoD contract work).