Programs that won't let you open certain programs during certain times?

Ok, so I dont’ want to be surfing the internet, listening to music, watching hulu, etc. during certain times of the day so i can concentrate on one thing during my time on the computer. I also want there to be no override function because it defeats the purpose.

Anyone know any programs that do this?

I remember seeing a program like that on tech tv.
You can set it up so that you can’t use programs you described for like 15 minutes or longer.
And if you want to override it, you have to type out a really long sentence.

I don’t remember the name sadly, but I know it does exist!

…After searching for a couple minutes on google I found this:

Not exactly what you’re looking for, but it’s a start.
I found it by searching for “distraction stopper”.

lol good shit. I was doing the worst of procrastinating on my research paper for the last 8 weeks. I actually considered looking for something like this. interesting…

I would need to really block anything except for the specific resources for my paper. As I will literally find anything to distract myself.

bolt9289, you are a hero of productivity. but I want a windows program for this.

but if any of you have any more suggestions, feel free to jot em down!

Ha. After a few minutes of searching, I think I found the program I was originally talking about.

Lucky you. :wink:

dude thanks for taking the time to find that. srsly.

You can set your router to block certain websites at certain times if i recall correctly. might depend on the router and firmware of that router as well.