Progressing Online

I am getting very infuriated due to my limited progress online. At my scene, there is very limited if not no competition at all. A very good player I know has told me that playing online very frequently will eventually make me better. I have learned all the basics of the game (bnbs, mixups, footsies) and can play normally and not scrub-like. However, I am losing frequently due to certain tactics (frequently using focus attacks on me, ken flowchart stuff, etc.) I have learned to acknowledge these tactics and do not consider other people as scrubs when they beat me with them, however it seems as though there are so many different tactics that I am prone to. I do not know how to truly counter them and I feel as though online isn’t helping me. Instead of getting infuriated of a player for beating me, I am getting infuriated at myself because I can’t adapt or improve. Even if I have better execution or mixups, these random tactics just end up killing me. Going into training mode can only help me to a certain extent. There are things that I just can’t learn to beat. Should I continue playing online despite all that? If so, how can I improve by playing online when I don’t even understand how to beat out a certain tactic? Thanks.

Watch your own replays. You already said you can identify if you’re falling for a shitty/random tactic, so look at them in hindsight without the pressure of being in the match. Recreate the shitty tactic in training mode by recording the offending character doing what you saw in the match, then playing against it.
Start by defending against it, then gradually start poking against it. Then poke into combo, etc.
If countering is the problem, start smaller. Many of my friends eat shit because they’re trying to figure out/execute a good counterattack when they barely know how to block attack strings/setups properly.

What character are you using? Jump into the character specific threads and start looking around, guaranteed you’ll find someone who’s had the same problems, and plenty of players willing to help and give advice. There is nothing you can’t learn to beat, it’s all just familiarity.

Just keep playing and eventually you’ll wonder how you ever lost to a flowchart Ken. I’m telling you players like that are the easiest to beat because they follow the same pattern. Bait and punish is all it takes to beat them, and don’t get hit by their jump in HK into sweep. That’s all they have since they don’t know how to mix you up. As for focus attacks, just backdash when you see them winding it up. But if you’re close enough you can just throw them out of it. Also every character has something that will break focus, learn your characters.