Progressive barriers

Ok so I’m making this thread because I want to know about the main barriers for fighting games in general. I’ve been thinking about the multiple barriers players often come through and how certain players break these barriers and move on to be top players. So the barriers i have come to find that multiple players come to are as follows.

“The Foundation”

Execution: Ok lets face it this is one of the barriers that separates your mediocre player from your top player. From punishes that give you the most results down to simple BnBs. This will take hours in training mode, personal short cuts, preferences, ect. All in all this is the “Foundation” of playing fighting games.

Situational Awareness: Ok so lets say you have a player who has top notch execution and can perform combos with fluid proficiency, and we compare said person to another person who is lacking in the execution but has very good situational awareness (I.E knows how to bait ect) and can apply basic punishes to a myriad of situations. Of course the player with the most knowledge will be able to win more consistently but that does not make him better. Now as I stated before execution is of course the foundation, but I also think that situational awareness will go hand in hand with execution in order to be a top player.

Now this is where things get interesting, as games evolve tactics are learned and game mechanics are manipulated to create new techniques of course character match ups change, new/old strategies evolve and the game starts changing gradually. So upon completion of the foundation you learn a few new tricks here and there and you get a bigger or slimmer option select. so…

“The Meta Game”

Spacing: So you’ve been in training mode for awhile and you want to put your knowledge and skill to the test, so you opt to venture out and play against other players. In the process you learn that against well seasoned players it becomes extremely difficult to get things going, as far as set ups, momentum, pokes, ect. In High level play knowing what works at what distance becomes extremely important, going with the best case scenarios, factoring in risk/reward and your general option select. Best way i can explain it is Newtons third law of motion “To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” They key to winning is knowing said characters possible reactions to your action which was gained through knowledge acquired through “The Foundation.”

Zoning: Im not particularly sure if this barrier should be separate seeing as how spacing and zoning go hand in hand but basically zoning the act of limiting your opponents option select via positioning ect. IMO there one in the same but ill put it down as a barrier none the less.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!: This is the portion where it gets juicy respect is a 7 letter word, but in a fighting game it means I’m limiting my options. Respect for a characters tools becomes more of a factor in high level play because it means the player is using the tools given to the character he/she has decided to use well, and the other player is eating something FIERCE for not respecting it. Thus when respecting characters tools it dwindles the other players option select significantly if punished hard enough (this is why execution is the number 1 barrier in high level play). This leaves the opponent with a very big susceptible hole in your gameplay, once you start respecting the players options the fight gets very hard and it seems like the opponent is in complete control over the match. So how would you counter respect and have your opponent respect your game? Well all of “The Foundation” and very good spacing and zoning help press the issue. Although in reality there are many times you can just be completely outplayed due to respect, whether it be from the player down to the tools and how they were exploited ect.

Well what do you guys think are the main barriers to being a top player and what are the main issues being presented? Also post up your solutions that you have found so far to help your barriers.

Great thread you cooked up here…

heres what I think.

I believe the overlying barrier before anything that was mentioned, for most people is understanding that its deeper than mere punches and kicks. Looking at my play style, before I began researching, I always believed that Street Fighter was a game of reaction, with little to no overlying strategy. Not until I learned that the game’s attacks system consist of three options (Attack,throw,Block) i.e the rock-paper-scissors element, was when i discovered that its much more than meets the eye.

not to sound like a know-it-all dickhead like someone in another thread told me. but IMO the biggest progressive barrier is listening to shit other people tell you and defining the game by what they see fit (yes I’m aware this includes me).

Another month another “how do I get passed the level I’m at?” thread.

Play people at your level and above, play them as often as you can, and learn and adapt to new shit every time you play. The more you all play and adapt, the better you will all get…

The hardest part here is finding the competition, if you don’t already live in an area with high level comp.

I just try hard to rape people.

The hardest part about getting better is enjoying the game.