Project Arcade Book

I just got this book from Amazon, I thought it’d be a good read. I’m looking to build a desktop arcade cabinet and wanted some help doing so without the need to have to look online. Anyways, I got the CD-Rom that came with the book backup-ed to my hard drive and I’m uploading it to megaupload right now. I’m gonna post the link to it as soon as it’s done. Here is the cover and cd scans I made and a few sample pics from the CD.

Please let me know if you have the book and your thoughts on it, thanks!

Please also note that the sample pictures are 50% smaller than the originals.

Enjoy! Link coming soon!

Buy the book link: BUY ME!

Here’s the megaupload link

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I wish someone would make one of these for a Vewlix type setup.

donovan myers made one. blueprints up on his site.

Anybody finished downloading this? Megaupload is very slow for me… Could someone kindly upload this into a torrent? thanks :slight_smile:

I’m working on constructing a Vewlix (slim) cab at the moment and intend to create some plans once complete but it will be to house a 24" 16:9 1080p monitor setup as I can’t afford a 32" monitor and don’t have the luxury of too much space. It’s going to be about 65 cm wide as opposed to 80 cm. It will also be used for my PC (another reason for the monitor) by having a ‘quick swap’ control panel. Not sure how fancy the plan’s will be but I have done this sort of thing before and released some for my racing pod for driving sims and several people have built one from them.

You could also check out the plans from if you want to build a full size one.

Thanks guys, had no idea they were already available.

I know it’s just a book but please do not post download links. I’m sure the author isn’t exactly rolling in cash.

Looks exactly like the LuSID design I modified to make my MAME cab. I’m not a fan of people who sell stuff like this when it’s freely available online :confused:

Sure, it took a few weeks of research and planning but I made a very nice cab with custom control panel and 27in crt with almost no tools and no prior knowledge.

There is no lack of info on MAME cabs online if you look a little.