Project Box controller system: pcb containers

Hello. I know I’m one of the few trying to do a project box controller. And would like some advice.

my goals and time/money budget

Assume I don’t have much ability to use common tools. And assume minimum Social Security Disability budget. Also assume no rush, that artistry is not a high priority, but honesty in gameplay is high.

2 latch boxes, clear type:. Why they might work

I’ve seen clear Rubbermaid-type boxes with 2 seals at the furthest apart short ends of the vertical rectangle. I noticed the long sides (close sides) can bend and crack, but the integrity of the seal is “good enough”. So in theory, I could cut slits and little holes for the DB37, use “wire tunnels” to make sure no wire gets pinched, and seal “reasonably well”.

ounce of prevention. Stuff I though of

The main things I want the box to do are present itself as a tourney legal PCB, and make handling the box less likely to have wires accidentally pulled. Along with dealing with a playful cat and a sometimes messy (but getting cleaner) bedroom and basement, both of which are streaming studios, I should have a couple common sense rules: To avoid accidentally stepping on it, make a decently sturdy box. To avoid shock, store in a belt high drawer.

I tried white mailing boxes but hate the opaqueness.

Sizing questions

I got to find out what is the largest PCB size I need for a project box pad hack. There is the Brook USB, a Paradise Cthulhu, Sega Genesis 6 button, 3 button, Edladdin 7800 and Coleco PCBs, N64, 3DO, Jaguar. Wii Classic, a 15 pin PC pad for the 5200, and some ungodly circuit for Intellivision, and everything else being a one-to-one connector, (no PCB needed). I assume a one inch thick box is plenty, based on typical sizes, what size should I order a 5 or 10 pack in?, And what outlier PCBs need a bigger box?

Just looking for something clear, secure against household accidents, and something I can do myself and not have to hire someone.

my limitations

Keep in mind my low physical skills, not low enough to be ADA physically handicapped, but too many combined weaknesses to be unemployable and unable to make a high school team of any sport. (Slower than average, klutzier than average, weaker than average. Only good thing is quick reflexes, but not enough naturally-occurring hand/eye/brain coordination with a “correct response.”. Too many times in FPS I discombobulate my axes. Hard not to think in terms of “LakituCam” in third person. Based on this, hopefully you can see why I fight right stick.

Didn’t you already made this thread?


And just to provide a bit of actual useful information:
The project boxes that I use on my sticks measure 5.5" x 2.75" x 1.25". They’re black ABS plastic and I get them from a local electronics store; cost me $3-5 each (I think, it’s been a while since I’ve bought any). They have a snap-on top cover, and even a small secondary optional opening for whatever. I use them in my ABS Modular stick, my Hex-Happ stick, and my arcade cabinet.
The only relevant console’s controller’s PCB that I obviously can’t fit in there in the Dreamcast’s, but that’s covered by other multi-console PCBs.

Is it really, physically impossible for you to post in already existing threads dude?

Well I found almost exactly what I was looking for, twice, and each double in size.

So I’'ll house 2 PCBs in one plastic box.

The plastic was hard enough to remain sturdy, but soft enough to cut. And the latched lid at 2 ends make it hard to accidentally open and close, but easy to do intentionally.

Here’s my paradise Cthulhu and Brook Universal USB.

And here’s my Sega Genesis/ Atari 2600 2 pack, one 3 button, one 6 button.

Also, since by 2 biggest constructive critics ate following this threat, and I’m hoping, my Joystick maker, Stan views by twitch debut, make you two can chat and translate Tripletopperese into Stanish (which is more likely closer to mainstream US English than Tripletopperese.)

8 PM New York Time tonight. 5 PM LA time. You’ll see the design work well.

Stan was surprised my designs work, and thank my 2 biggest constructive and sonetimes comical critics for helping me piece this out over way more than 10 years.


Do you ever play fighting games?

Would you like to play any sometime?

Now that my joysticks finally work … Yes.

I can now play fighting (and other joystick friendly) games on all Paradise Cthulhu systems, all Brook Universal USB systems, and Genesis 6 button and 3 button. ( For Ms. Pac Man).

I will demonstrate tomorrow on I’ll reach out at noon New York Time 08/04/2020