Project-Failure, Friday Night Blackout, August 20th Results

(Next P-F tournament will be on a SATURDAY check out our calendar)

Not too shabby CT, out of top 8 we had 5 that were representing CT. Good shit to Mr.Quotes for keeping NJ on life support till the end and taking home some money. Also good shit to dweeb for making a crazy upset versus NerdJosh (best DeeJay on eastcoast? do we have anyone else to take that title?)

Thanks once again to all the out of state players that hit us up. We really appreciate the support and I think its starting to show that it’s helping us level up too.

1 William “The Realyst” Matthews Bronx, NY $196.00
2 Josh “MrQuotes” Sunarso Montclair, NJ $56.00
3 Emanuel “Manny O” Olaguivel CT $28.00
4 Jamal “dwEEb”
5 Josh “nerdjosh” Jodoin Brooklyn, NY
5 Aumni
7 Joey “Heir of Slytherin” Miggs CT
7 Andersen CT
9 MarlinPie (FYC) NJ
9 Francisco “Frantastic” Martinez Belleville, NJ
9 Essex
9 United Virus X
13 kyriptic CT
13 More Than Able
13 Baby-Christos
13 chako
17 Alex “blueNINE” Smith 1002
17 Mayor McJustin
17 WCG HatPerson
17 JohnnyCageSwag
17 Bonj
17 Craig “Free Chicken” Keller Danbury, CT
25 Jason"FoxHound009" Knapich
25 Trent
25 B-Love CT
25 Kryonik

Now I think betting got screwed up because of some 0’s being put in for odd’s and people might have lost money when they should have won. Will definitely look into this and fix it for next time, but for now these are the stats I have for the online betting.

Top 10
Username Balance
CreepSpark $7500
Darksim $5400
Tunakahuna $4376
etkelley $3100
tenyardmike $2600
Lantern $1900
tr9uuu $1880
liquidsrk $1733
Roguelike $1725
gotoma $1500

Top 3 highest placed bets
Username Amount Bet Betted On Turn Out
solarpowerx $49614 Dweeb WON
solarpowerx $41345 NerdJosh WON
solarpowerx $27563 The Realyst WON

Ya… obviously somethings wrong lol Solarpowerx if you see this send me a PM

CT really represented last night. Real unhappy I was unable to make it :frowning:

I didnt even play in the betting system and im top 10, woo!

lol did someone else use your name? or was it bets from old tournaments?

defiantly coming next time mad fun to bad there weren’t as many ppl as last time

I got third!

Marlin and I both thought we were the king and got blown up. :frowning: Goodshit guys I’ll definitely be at the next one for some revenge. :slight_smile:

thanks for setting everything up kryptic and jon. and ggs to everyone i played ill be back for revenge.

good tourney. CT held its own surprisingly. CT vs NJ? what’s good?

LMAO at somebody actually betting on me and winning.

I’m so happy that my CT family showed up and took top 3 almost undisputed friday night blackout is truly not free in any sense of the phrase

What’s the deal with this betting stuff?

?? Did yall use Ibuki against Rufus’ or something?

no they just fuck up constantly

i see that even though u guys used ustream there are recordings on, but they’res no sound. is that just the way its gonna be w/ them?

Yea, did you guys record the vids outside of the stream or something? You didn’t have it recorded on ustream and you guys moved from

There are no videos on ustream, we kinda rushed to setup everything quickly and forgot to enable recording, there are videos on because we had a copy of the stream running there too, however there will be no sound on (another configuration issue) we’ll do a better job of archiving this in the future.

Next Tournament posted hope you guys can make it.