Project-Failure, Friday Night Blackout, August 6th Results

I would like to just thank DSP for bringing in all his fanboys and trolling the crap out of our stream. It was entertaining, thanks for the support guys. Every time we get bigger and better. If this doesn’t prove CT has a legit scene, I don’t know what does. We got the players and the support, now we just need to get better. Lets make it happen CT and take that fight money!

Bracket:Friday Night Blackout - Super Street Fighter 4
1 Arturo “sabin” Sanchez (EMP) Queens, NY $273.00
2 Ryder (FYC) NJ $78.00
3 MarlinPie (FYC) NJ $39.00
4 min CT
5 HondaTech1424
5 Phil “DSP” Burnell CT
7 William “The Realyst” Matthews Bronx, NY
7 Essex
9 Emanuel “Manny O” Olaguivel CT
9 Alex “blueNINE” Smith 1002
9 Aumni
9 Evil lee
13 Josh “MrQuotes” Sunarso Montclair, NJ
13 Mayu
13 kyriptic CT
13 x45x
17 Magno CT
17 Joey “Heir of Slytherin” Miggs CT
17 TommyTwoTime77
17 Andersen CT
17 Domo
17 Apex
17 Jason"FoxHound009" Knapich
17 DE-R Herokiller NY
25 Yea Aite CT
25 Joe “Tempest” Burden Danbury, CT
25 Andrew Tran
25 Benny “Walrus” Danbury, CT
25 MikeyG
25 Nathanhavok
25 SomeDude CT
33 Dru
33 Squidkilla117 CT
33 Kryonik
33 Stew
33 OverMind CT
33 DE-R Venom NY
33 LouDog

Top 10 From Site Betting
Username Balance
gohantwo $14150
FIFAffection $5400
jflash12 $4912
Fantasmick $4300
raymyster14 $4010
TNTKnowsDrama $3428
EM3X $3065
Minart $2952
Taekmkm $2500
MuuuurL $2400

Top 10 Highest Bets
Username Amount Bet Betted On Turn Out
mc_trollin $25963 Arturo WON
mc_trollin $23078 Ryder WON
syciec $21803 The Realyst WON
bonj $20018 MarlinPie LOST
mc_trollin $20000 JoeyMiggz LOST
mc_trollin $20000 Arturo LOST
DatMoneySon $18575 Arturo LOST
bonj $17794 Ryder WON
syciec $17442 Ryder WON
mc_trollin $16900 Arturo WON

Damn what a turn out for CT.

And I’m pretty sure Art is no longer in EMP.

btw, MikeyG is NOT me.

Results are pasted from tonamento. That’s why it says emp. We were careful to add mikeyg as mikeyg and not mikeg.

thats what i was gonna say, CT where u at daymnnn

Nor is he trying to be you.

Man, shoutouts to MikeyG for hitting us up!